The Fire of the Word Bible Studies...

At our Town Hall Meeting a couple of weeks ago we shared a little about our desire for discipleship and Spiritual Formation to become a more prominent place in the life of UBC than it has been in the past.  While recognizing that we continually want to be a place where people feel welcome and embraced in whatever spiritual condition they are in, and where they feel free to be completely authentic, not "putting on a show" of spirituality or "posturing holiness," we also want to be a community that challenges people to know God and for their lives to be changed by God.

One of the ways we hope this happens in the coming year is through our "Fire of the Word" Bible Studies.  The "Fire of the Word" is a book by Chris Webb that encourages scripture reading not just for receiving information about God, but for experiencing formation by God's word.  It remains very true to the ethos of UBC-- it is thoughtful, it doesn't take for granted familiarity with a certain evangelical way of speaking about faith, and it explores how people have experienced God through Scripture over time.  But it also may be an exercise in being stretch for many of us, as it also pushes us toward hearing God's voice in a way that we may not be comfortable or familiar with.

When does this Bible Study begin?

We will begin as soon as we hear enough interest from people to form a small group, and a time will be worked out that is best for everyone in the group.

What will it require of me?

The Fire of the Word consists of short, 6-10 page chapters that will be read weekly, and daily scripture readings.  Webb encourages a way of reading Scripture that is deliberate, thoughtful, and slow.  So for you to get the most out of this study it will require a sacrifice on your part of anywhere between 15-30 minutes of every day in study and reflection.

I'm interested, how do I sign up?

Email  Include in your email your name, age, if you are in school what your classification is, whether you are married and, if so, if you would like for your spouse to join you in the group, etc.  Also, let me know a few general times (i.e., weekday afternoons, saturday mornings, mwf lunch, etc.)  during the week when you would be available.

We are all excited and hopeful for the growth that will come out of these groups!