College Men's and Women's Bible Studies...


Like the cool clip art I've used for this?  I (think I can) promise that the College men's and women's Bible Study will not be that corny.  If it is, we promise it will be corny in the hipster-ish way that appropriates old images for a new purpose.

Regardless, we are excited to get our Wednesday night Bible Studies under way.  Our men's group will take place in the Rock and Roll Room and will be led by Nick Deere and Reagan Reynolds.  They will spend the semester looking through a particular book of the Bible.

The women's group will be led by Sharyl West Loeung and Alekza Latte, the owners of the two of the most interestingly spelled names in UBC history.  Using Eugene Peterson's "Eat this Book" as a springboard, they will be exploring HOW to read the Bible.  They will be meeting in the piano room.

Both groups meet on Wednesday night at 7:00pm.