UBC's Presidential Endorsement...

(There's no way you really fell for that, is there?) Among those who call UBC home, there will be some who vote Democrat, some Republican, some Libertarian, and several more who will be writing in their own candidates.  (FYI-- Our favorite write-in candidate won't be eligible for president until 2025, so don't waste your vote on him this time around.)  Others, either out of apathy or protest, will be refraining from the political process altogether.  As long as reflection and prayer are involved in the decision, we are supportive of whatever our people choose.  (We would, of course, discourage apathy.)

What we agree on is this-- Regardless of what happens on November 6th in the presidential election, Christ will still be the King of all creation on November 7th.  His kingdom transcends any temporary, human-built system of governance. Our hope is not in a party, a personality or a political platform.  (Alliteration unintended.) The symbols that tell the story of God's redemption of the world are a manger in a seemingly insignificant corner of the world, an execution under a brutal empire, and an empty tomb in a garden-- not an elephant, donkey or a flag.

No matter where our earthly residency is located, as followers of Christ our citizenship and true allegiance is to Him and the kingdom He is establishing.

We are most in need of this reminder during election season, the time when anxieties rise and divisions are magnified.  Because of this we are asking something both of those who call UBC home, and of the greater Waco community of believers.  We would like to invite anyone, regardless of political persuasion, to join us for times of communion on Tuesday, November 6th.  We will be having services at 7:15 a.m., 12:15 and at 5:30pm. Each will last about 20 minutes.  As a symbol of public proclamation, weather permitting, these services will occur in our parking lot. For those coming to and from polling places, this will be an important reminder and proclamation of who our King really is.

At UBC we practice open communion.  As long as your desire is to follow and embrace the Christ who has died, risen, and will come again, you are welcome at the table.  Please spread the word to all who count themselves among the citizens of His Kingdom.

For information, please contact craig@ubcwaco.org.