Kyle's Benediction: Beth McCarty

Today marks the seven year anniversary of the loss of our pastor and dear friend Kyle Lake.  Kyle’s legacy lives on in many ways.  One thing that has been especially meaningful for UBC’ers, those who knew him and those who have joined us along the way since his passing, has been Kyle’s benediction that we say as a congregation at the end of the service.  I have asked several people to reflect on the benediction and share thoughts with us.  I will be posting their stories and artwork here for the next few days. __________________________

Today I post these words, but it is something I try to live everyday. We miss Kyle but I am thankful for the community that was left behind.  These words created people who truly learned how to celebrate the good in life and to ache with each other in the difficult times.  We don't always get it right but I always come back to these words. They are my reset button.

Love God, Embrace Beauty and Live Life to the Fullest.

So much has changed in seven years.

I am now married.

I am now a mom to two precious boys.

But it's the little things in my daily life that have really changed.


I sip my coffee a little slower.

I intentionally roll my windows down to feel the crispness of a fall day.

The smack of the cool air jolts me back to that difficult time.

To many difficult times.

But then the sun shines on and warms me and I am washed with all the good that is in my life.

I breath a little deeper.

I have learned to live in the moments.  I get lost building blocks and playing cars with my boys.

We get messy.

We tickle a lot!

I hug my husband a little tighter and try to sneak in more kisses just to make him smile.

I turn the radio up, we dance and giggle until we are out of breath.

Sometimes I wipe my kids nose and try to miss with the Kleenex, just to remember.

I listen more, because I have learned that we have so much to learn from each other.

I get lost in girls nights.

I open our home and our lives so that we are not alone.

I watch squirrels bury nuts.

I watch bees dance on flowers.

I have slowed down.

I force myself to be vulnerable so that I can really feel community.

I know that life will have difficult times, and I have surrounded myself with the best support system.

I am thankful.

I sit back and watch, I jump in and do.

I am learning more everyday and now I am trying to teach little ones of my own to love, embrace and live.


Beth McCarty is a graduate of Baylor and has been a part of UBC for many years.  She has been a teacher and recently served for several years as UBC's Children's Ministry Coordinator.  She and her husband Tom live in Waco with their two boys, Aiden (who LOVES tools) and Asher (who can throw any ball you give him like a pro.)