Getting to Know You(bc): Cristina Clancy

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Where do you call home?

I am originally from Wichita, Kansas. I moved to Waco, TX in 1994 when I was about to start eighth grade.  My mother lost her job at the time during the Boeing layoffs that year.  However,  I consider myself a Wacoan now because I have lived here for over 10 years.

What do you do in Waco?

I am a stay-at-home mom to two wonderful boys Alex and my latest addition to my life Jayden.  I enjoy spending time with my family that I have built with my husband, as well as friends.  I enjoy going to the movies, bowling, skating, frisbee golf, and eating out with family or friends.  

What do you love most about UBC?

I was going through some tough times in 2006. I lost my job due to a nervous breakdown and ended up being hospitalized.  My husband and I lost our home because of this.  Our expenses piled up, and we ended up living with his parents for a few years.   I lost hope and faith in God because of my nervous breakdown.  At the time, I didn't understand why he had put me through this.  I had a lot on my shoulders between work, taking care of the pets, the house, and making time for my husband who was gone all the time.  I truly believe now that it was a sign that something was wrong in my life, and God wanted me to put faith in his hands to lead me to the right direction.   I have been to many different churches in Waco, none of which I felt comfortable and at home in.  I began to believe that I would not find a church that would help me heal spiritually with God, and yet still treat me like family.  I was introduced to UBC by friends from Baylor in 2006 after I got out of the hospital.  I thought I might as well try.  What else do I have to lose? UBC has been there for me before I had kids and was at my lowest point in my life.  Now they are still there for me, as well as my husband and kids.  There friendly smiles, laughter, and caring hearts are what I love the most about UBC.  I can worship God and still be myself knowing that each member of UBC that I meet will not treat me any differently.  They would treat me as if I was part of their family.

Favorite Movie?

 Hunger Games

Favorite Book/Author/reading material?

Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

 I wanted to be a Veterinarian and help sick animals get well.

What do you want to be now when you grow up?

I'd like to be a speech pathologist.  My oldest son has had speech problems as well as other developmental delays since he was one.  The speech pathologist that helped him get to where he is today has inspired me to want to help others in language and hearing impaired.

Favorite artist/band/musician?

 I have two.  I am a huge fan of David Crowder Band, and I am very fond of Jackie Evancho the twelve year old Opera Singer from America's Got Talent.

Best Burger in Waco?

 Tom's Burger on Sanger.

What do we HAVE to know about you to really know you?

I am a devoted mother and love my children.  I sacrifice everything to make sure that they are happy.  Alex has developmental issues, which has been challenging to get him to where he needs to be.  I really had to put a lot of faith in God, as well as close family and friends last year in March for his Strabismus Surgery.  This surgery was a make or break for Alex.  It had a high success rate,  but there was a  chance that it could fail.  He has had quadruple vision in early childhood for so long, that he had become behind developmentally in fine motor skills, gross motor skills, as well as social skills.  He has been in countless therapy sessions with Klaras Early Childhood Development.  When he graduated at the age of three from the program, my husband and I had to look for another program to help him achieve his goals.  We found that in HOPE therapy of Waco.  He just recently started therapy this month, and we hope he will get to where he needs to be.  Because of Alex,  I try my best to be there for my friends and or family who are also going through hardships in their lives.  I believe in doing God's bidding, and he has always taught me to look to the bright side of things.  He has taught me to look out for those in need, whether it is my children, husband, or friends.  He has also taught me to have faith in him and to love him, which I strive to do my very best as a Christian today.