Fall Wednesdays...

We are excited about Wednesdays this coming fall.  There will be opportunities all day long for you to connect with the church, worship, and re-center during the middle of the week.  We hope you can make time to participate!  Below is the Wednesday schedule, which will begin on September 4....  

6:45 a.m.-- Early risers.  For folks who want to attend the 7:15 communion service, but need a little extra time to wake up, we will have coffee and donuts to get you going.

7:15 a.m.-- Communion Service.  This will be a short, 20 minute service that will include scripture reading, prayer and communion.  We are making this service open to anyone in the community.

5:00p.m.-6:00p.m.-- Dinner in the Backside!  We are opening up the backside, setting up tables and chairs, and inviting you to bring your dinner to eat with other UBC'ers.  You can arrive at any time during that hour.

6:00p.m.-- Adult Spiritual Formation and Children's Activities.  At 6:00 we will have a time that consists of a variety of Spiritual Formation activities, from Bible Studies to art/music nights to learning about how we can be engaged with our neighborhood.  Also, there will be activities for kids!

7:30p.m.-- Compline.  In monastic traditions, Compline is the last prayer service of the day.  This service will be about 20 minutes and will include prayer, a devotional reading and readings from Scripture.

8:00p.m.-- Pub Group and Discipleship Groups.  We will have our pub group at 8:00 at the Dancing Bear, and the church will also be open during that time for our smaller discipleship groups to meet.

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