Fall 2013 Sunday School...

Our new semester of Sunday School begins this coming Sunday at 9:30 a.m.  We hope all of you can join us for this special time of formation.  We have several opportunities for you this year.... THE GOSPEL OF LUKE

This fall, the lectionary (a three year Bible reading plan used by many churches) relies heavily on the Gospel of Luke, so we decided it would be a great idea for us to provide an opportunity to become conversant in this important book and to explore what it has for us and the church.  Location: Red Room, taught by Adam Winn


Like Luke, the lectionary this fall has generous helpings of the book of Jeremiah. This group will look at the historical and literary background of Jeremiah and will consider its contemporary significance and application for our lives.  Location: Brown Room, taught by Grant Francis and Monike Garabieta


Sunday School is a perfect opportunity to get connected with the UBC community and to explore the core values of our church with other first year students.  Location: Rock n Roll Room, led by Toph Whisnant, Daley Olson, Julia Fanning and Sean DelBecarro.


Along with many other things, church should be a place where we think about and contemplate Big Ideas. From theological reflections on worship to conversations around culture, technology and race, this class will do just that. Each class will be a 15-18 minute “TED Talk” style presentation from various UBC’ers, and followed by conversation around the topic at hand. Location: The Back Side, led by various UBC’ers


We’ve got a youth group! And our youth group meets on Sunday Mornings in the white room upstairs and has a blast reading scripture, getting to know each other, and, we suppose, doing stuff with life savers and toothpicks, though we don’t ask questions about those kind of messes. If you have a student from sixth through twelfth grades we would love for them to join us!  For information, contact craig@ubcwaco.org.