Love is an Orientation

This Wednesday we will have a conversation at UBC around Andrew Marin's book "Love is an Orientation: Elevating the Conversation with the Gay Community."  I always feel it is necessary to lead with, "You DO NOT have to have read the book in order to participate," and this continues to be true.  There will be a quick summary of the book at the beginning, so you will not be in the dark.    We will meet in the Backside at 6:00, and you are encouraged to bring your dinner with you.  UBC will provide drinks. We have invited member's of Baylor's Sexual Identity Forum to join us for this very important conversation.  After the conversation, at 7:15, we will all meet in the Brown Room for our Compline service, which is about 20 minutes and consists primarily of reading the Psalms.

Hope to see you on Wednesday!