ITLOTC 11-22-13



Work is Worship:

Have you ever been asked the question, what would you do with a million dollars?  Of course you have.  It’s an invitation to dream about how massive amounts of money could solve your problems. I sometimes pose this hypothetical to myself and answer it on behalf of the church. I dream about millions of dollars funding endowments that we could use to create all kinds of fulltime jobs without adding stress to the budget.  Youth pastors, sound engineers, studio artists, graphic designers, project managers, social workers … and one that I would really love … a custodian.

I would to love to get to the end of Love Feast and say, “it’s fine we can just leave and it will be taken care of.”  I would love to not worry about the church getting shut down after services on Sunday.  I would love to not worry about the coffee cups developing mold and spots on the bottom.  I would love to redirect the 48, “did you know there’s a problem with the _____________,” emails and phone calls I get each week.”  But I can’t.

Sometimes when I think harder about this scenario I realize that would not be right for UBC at this time.  This is a church that belongs to the people. Sometimes it’s been mi casas.  Sometimes it’s been small groups.  Sometimes it’s been a string of a few faithful volunteers, and sometimes it’s been the staff.  But one way or another this church has always been maintained by its people.  And for where we are in our history, size, and budget I think that’s right.  A custodian would steal something from us.  A sense of belonging and I daresay worship.

When we scrub toilets and vacuum carpets or mop floors and change light bulbs, we are creating a better worship experience for everyone else.  Our time and small sacrifice translates into someone else’s ability to “be” and to worship on Sunday morning.  As a result those moments during the week become part of the liturgy of Sunday morning. They become the necessary steps of care that make glorifying God’s name on Sundays more possible. I really would hate to take away that opportunity from us.

In a week or so I’m going to post a poster board on my door with this same message.  It will also include a spot for people to sign up for a specific job to care for the church.  Jobs will move with the quarterly calendar of the church.  The commitments, be they weekly, monthly or something else will last three months. I hope you’ll consider worshiping with us.


One of our former UBCers Travis Clark will be ordained on December 8th at UBC.  If you knew Travis while he was here please consider coming.  The service will be in the early afternoon, time still to be determined.  If you did not know Travis I ask that you be in prayer for him as we move closer to this moment.

Love Feast:

A few of you may have noticed that at the last couple of Love Feasts we have had an abundance of desserts.  Almost like God has dropped Quail from heaven, we find ourselves drowning in desserts. Which would be amazing if we had plenty of other types of food.  Unfortunately, that has not been the case.  So in the spirit of authoritarian dictatorship, the staff has made a unilateral decision to curb the inflow of desserts.  All the deserts have been signed up for.  Please bring a thanksgiving side.


At UBC we have so many talented folks living out mission in the life of the larger Waco community.

This week I want to highlight a photographer and a writer.

Graham Dodd is one of our amazing Baylor freshman.  He snaps photos of things I don’t have an eye for.  Here is some of his work.

Many of you have commented over the years about how you have been blessed Craig’s thoughtful words.  He's a blogger and a good one at that.  Here's a post in which he comments on Dallas Buyers Club.


•       Our Annual Thanksgiving Love Feast will be November 24th at 6:00 PM.

•     The annual Advent Workshop for our children will take place on December 1st.  If would you like information about that email josh@ubcwaco.

•     On Sunday, December 1st, we will have multiple worship opportunities.  Our regular service and the Sunday First Sunday of Advent will begin at 10:30 AM as usual.  That evening we will have our 1st ever Christmas Sing service at 7:00 PM.

•     If you are a parent and planning on being here December 22 and/or 29, please email and let her know so we can plan for childcare accordingly.

Do  you have an Emergency?  Do you Need to talk to a Pastor?:

254 366 9779