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When I began going to UBC in 2004 I heard Kyle preach a sermon in which he mentioned having twin boys. It was early in the school year so tracking down anyone, especially anyone you didn't know was difficult.  But after a month of going I spotted them. Sutton and Jude were about 2 years old. They sported their almost blinding blond hair, piercing blue eyes and talked with raspy voices that made wonder if they smoked.  Identity was not in question.  Sutton had on a shirt that read "I'm Sutton."  And Jude, the same. I would soon discover that Sutton and Jude made up 66% of UBC's kids program.  The other 33%, their sister Avery.

Slowly, a few veterans added children bringing the mass to a frightening six or seven.  The question became not who will watch the Lake kids, but who will work the nursery?  What curriculum will we use?  If I remember correctly Jana Parker was steering that ship at the time.  Eventually Jana handed the reigns to my wife, Lindsay, and Amanda Horton who managed our two different children rooms.  Later they both stepped down and Beth McCarty, Amanda Aguirre, and Emily Nance began carrying the growing responsibility.  Three children became six children, which became twenty.  UBCers were clearly not paying attention to global population issues.

Eventually we decided that this volunteer position needed to be a paid part-time position.  The finance team approved an 8-hour a week children's ministry coordinator.  That job went to Beth McCarty and the program kept growing.  More kids demanded that we convert another two rooms to accommodate our children, we began having an annual children's service, advent workshops, Easter egg hunts, and more birthday parties than weekends in a year. 8 hours a week went to 15 and then to 20.

A little over a year ago Beth resigned and Emily came on.  When we hired Emily we asked her not to be a children's ministry coordinator, but rather a children's pastor, a need created by all Beth's successful and hard work.

Now we have about 65 kids in the children's ministry and truth be told could really use Emily full time if the funds were there.

It has been a blast watching this ministry grow at UBC.

This past Sunday night Craig asked the rest of the staff to join Dan Venzin (our volunteer youth pastor) and the youth in a small party to decorate the church for advent.  I think I counted 9 youth.  As we were in the foyer hanging garland I looked around at this seed  about to sprout and I thought of Sutton and Jude.


UBCer In Need:

Kara is a senior.  She's also part of our mi casa.  One night our mi casa made it's way out to our back yard, which sometimes doubles as a pound for stray dogs.  On this particular evening a pair of puppies showed up to play with us.  In honor of our children we began to refer to them as Roy and Lilli.  That night Kara took Lilli (the puppy) home with her.  The rest has been a pet-owner-relationship-success-history.  Kara loves Lilli.  Lilli recently had an accident.  Some bone separated from some plate or something.  Kara choices are to put her dog down or pay $2,000 to have the surgery done.  She's baking to save her dog.  If interested in purchasing some bake goods click here.


At UBC we have so many talented folks living out mission in the life of the larger Waco community.

This week I want to highlight a knitter and a writer.

Carlee is a creator.  Should there ever be an apocalypse in which people had to make their own clothes, Carlee would be fine.  You can check out her stuff here.

Courtney is working on a Ph.D. in literature, loves interesting things and is just plain awesome.  That awesomeness finds its expression in words.  Read them here.


Hooray!  We closed on the land today.  Please join us after church this Sunday as we go across the street (Flynt) to dedicate the land and offer our thanks to God.

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  • The church will be open for study hall on December 10th and 11th from 10 A.M. until midnight. We will be serving pancakes on the 11th @ 10 P.M. for hungry studiers.
  • This weeks Advent theme is Peace.  Our Bible verses for Sunday's sermon will be Romans 15:5-13.
  • The Roots class (1st-4th graders) will be meeting in the red room (first room on the left in the hallway on the left side of the building) this week.
  • If you are a parent and planning on being here December 22 and/or 29, please email and let her know so we can plan for childcare accordingly.
  • We are having Sunday School in the Backside during Advent.  This will be an informal time to hang out and have conversation around the Advent themes of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love
  • There are still spots available for the Spring Break Monastery Trip.  Contact Craig@ubcwaco if interested.

Do you have an Emergency?  Do you Need to talk to a Pastor?:

254 366 9779