Spring 2014 Sunday School...

We still do good old-fashioned "Sunday School" here at UBC.  Christian Education, a term that is becoming, unfortunately, antiquated, is an important aspect of formation, and we are excited to have so many gifted teachers in our congregation to offer their expertise.  Below is a list of the Spring classes we have.  We hope you can join us at 9:30 a.m. in the morning!

The Gospel of John-- Exploring the fourth gospel.  Led by Lindsey Trozzo in the "Red Room."

Psalms of Ascent-- Looking at the book of Psalms within the book of Psalms.  Led by Craig Nash in the "Brown Room."

Christians and the Headlines-- Analyzing Christian responses to the news of the day.  Led by Toph Whisnant and Maggie Griffin in the "Rock and Roll Room."

Hitched-- A group for the Married-Without Children crowd.  Led by the Hollymans (and others) in the Backside.