Marriage Ministry Events...

Last fall we began to be more intentional about nurturing the health of the marriages in our congregation.  Between our marriage seminars, Hitched Dinners and Emerging Parents, we saw a lot of great movement in this area.  We wanted to make you aware of a couple of events in the coming months to put on your calendar.  These particular events are for ALL married couples-- newlywed, oldywed, with kids or without.  Childcare will be provided.


Marriage "Roundtable"

Sunday, February 23rd @ 6:30p.m.

Similar to the marriage seminars we held last semester, this will be a time to get together and discuss several aspects of marriage.  Couples will join each other around a table working through "case studies," and will share their findings with the entire group.  This time will be facilitated by Josh Carney.


Game Night

Saturday, April 12th @ 6:30p.m.

There will be one agenda for this time together-- FUN! We are currently working on a spot off-site for games, so you can drop your kids off at the church and not worry about them for a bit.  (This is the same day of the Easter Egg Hunt, so just put on your calendar a great big UBC FUN DAY in the April 12th square.)