ITLOTC 3-21-14

screen-shot-2013-11-14-at-6-55-31-pm21 It's Good Music

There are a million things/people that go into making churches great.  Because of this it's easy to overlook or begin to expect the great things that just are.

A little context before I share my lived experience.  As I've often said, I grew in a small town in Northern Wisconsin.  The church my dad pastored was a small church with a small budget.  The role of the "worship leader" was often volunteer and in seasons when it was paid, it was miniscule.  For many years this task fell to my mom.  My mom would be the first to tell you that she's not a worship leader.  But something about her realization that this was the case combined with her willingness to do it because she loved serving the church made her efforts all the more admirable.

The church, Prince of Peace Christian Church, I often describe as a small community full of Flannery O'Conner characters; salt of the earth people that reveal the best and worst parts of being in a small town church.  The worship leader would get the latest music from Vineyard, Hillsong, or whoever else was doing something worth hearing at the time, and translate these audio masterpieces into something our 5-6 piece ragtag worship band could manage.  And we would sing, fervently.

Church is a tricky business because with everything you do, you have to bring a second set of tools to evaluate the worth of something.  In business, it's about success and making whatever choices are needed to make something successful.  In the church we define success differently.  We care as much about the person performing the music as we do the performance of the music.  For this reason, I always loved the efforts of the music band at the church I grew up in.  They were earnest and sincere if not abundantly talented.  And that matters.

My parents, who are currently in town, often marvel at the massive amount of talent that exists in one place when they visit UBC.  There are 20+ seminary students with more religious education than most pastors in rural settings.  There are hundreds of eager Baylor students every year with a desire to bring their musical talent to the stage.  There are Ph.D. students of all disciplines to bounce ideas off of and sharpen thoughts.  There are  business school professors to serve on the finance team and folks with extensive management experience to serve on the HR team.  There are all kinds of people with years of their own ministry experience who are content to lead a mi casa.   We all have Baylor to thank for this.  Waco is a wealth of Christian resources.

I was reminded of this, this week.  I've posted in this newsletter the last few weeks that UBC has been involved with some other churches in planning ecumenical services downtown for lent.  Our first one was Wednesday and it happened to be the day that I/UBC was leading worship.  A few months back, in preparation for this moment I asked Tye swing by and play a ditty.  Fast forward to this last Wednesday ...

In my car on the way to church a half hour before I'm supposed to meet the other pastors to be begin setting up for the service ...

click contacts ... select tye barrett.

Me: Tye, first i have i have tell you something, and then I need to apologize for not reminding you sooner.

Tye: what?

Me: today is that lent thing you were supposed to play for.

Tye: oh crap, you're right, that's even on my calendar

Me: (surprised tye keeps a calendar) shoot are you out of the state?

Tye: no, on my to Fort Worth to pick up some music equipment stuff.

Me: Awesome.

Tye: let me check I might could get Jameson to play.

5 minutes later ... phone rings.

Tye: yeah, Jameson is going to do it

Me: Awesome.

I interrupt this story to bring you a picture of Jameson

(this is my favorite one)


And Jameson (Tye's equivalent of the Edge who often plays on Sunday mornings ... in case you don't know him by that name) played ... and it was fantastic.  And then I reflected on how  effortless that was for Jameson and his comparative superiority to all the musicians that came through the church I grew up in ... and how Jameson is just one of the many talented people who make our Sunday mornings so fantastic ... I thought to myself, "we are so spoiled."

So thank you to all of you musicians who so often could be elsewhere making money and living the big life, but have decided instead to stay here and lead us.  And thank you to our fearless leader in this department, Tye "Tiger" Barrett, who one day a few years ago decided to put on these shoes that everyone thought were going to be just to big to fill and started walking just fine.

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