UBC Garage Sale 2014!


Saturday August 16th-- 7:00a.m. to 2:00p.m.

Monday August 18th-- 7:00a.m. to 2:00p.m.

Tuesday August 19th-- 7:00a.m. to 2:00p.m.

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Why August and not June?

It's Back to School Time!  Parents will be seeking out good deals on school clothes and university students will be looking for items to furnish their dorms and apartments with.

Why are we telling you now?

So you can put it on your calendars and make plans to be in town on those days.  We will need at the very least 25 people on each of these days to help work the sale.  Email craig@ubcwaco.org if you already know you can make one of those days.  Otherwise, expect me to give you a personal invitation to help out! :)

What do we need?

Whatever you've got.  As you get ready to pack up for the summer, make it easier on yourselves.  Downsize!  We will take clothes, dishes, books, and any assorted junk you can load up.  We would ESPECIALLY love to take your furniture, large appliances and electronics off your hands, as these can add up very quickly.

What else do we need?

If you have any amount of time to give during the week between now and August to help sort and organize, we would be able to use you.  In addition to this, we would love if a group of you (a Mi Casa, group of roommates, etc.) would volunteer to help clear out and get part of our storage building cleaned up and ready to load stuff in.  This will be a several hour job.

What is our goal?

The largest we have ever made at a garage sale is $10,000.  We are hoping to top that this year.  Since we are a church with a nontraditional giving base (a fancy way of saying that about half of us are broke college students,) we rely on our garage sale to help pick up some of the fiscal slack.  If it is difficult or impossible for you to give financially, this is a great way to give of yourself and of your things.

 What will you get out of helping?

In addition to the satisfaction of having contributed to the life of the church in a valuable way, many people over the years have cited the summer Garage Sale, both the actual sale days and the time spent helping out, as the thing that was most instrumental in them getting connected to the community of UBC.

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