Fall 2014: Weekly Opportunities @UBC...

Looking to get more connected to the life of UBC? Check out the following opportunities!

Unless noted or clearly implied (i.e., "Freshmen Sunday School Class,") all of our groups are open to EVERYONE regardless of age, gender or life situation.

Sunday School

9:30 a.m.

 Each of our Sunday School classes are open-ended. You can join them at any time during the semester.

Revelation: Faithfulness in the Midst of Empire

When John received his apocalyptic Revelation, he was living in a time not unlike ours. In fact, he was living in a time not unlike all times—Where powerful people and systems seek to rule, while believers in the resurrected Christ claim only one ruler. This class will study the book of Revelation with an eye toward being faithful to the reign of Jesus in our lives.

Led by: Mathew Crawford

Location: Red Room


The Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament

In the midst of the history, poetry and prophecy of the Old Testament is a group of books that stands apart, employing an ancient form of literature known as “Wisdom.” Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon are not only some of the greatest works of literature history has ever known, they help guide us to deeper levels of discipleship and formation, which is what our goal is for this class.

Led by: Arna Hemenway and BJ Parker

Location: Piano Room


The Upside: "Life Together"

“Life Together” Class

New to Waco? been here for years? looking to build community?  This class is a place for people who – for however long – have chosen to “do life” here.  We are professionals, married couples, adults of undisclosed ages, all the way to empty nesters.  This semester we will go through different scripture passages that teach us how to do “Life Together.”  Our guide will be the writings of Dietrich Bonheoffer, who wrestled with his Christian identity during Nazi Germany (although there’s no assigned reading or homework).  We hope to learn from the scriptures about how to embody faith in our homes, with friends, and in our community.

Led by: The Walters and Wilhites

Location: The Brown Room



If you are in your first year of college, this is the group for you! This semester, in addition to getting to know each other and learning about UBC, we will be going through the book of Luke.

Led by Toph Whisnant, Bonney Dennis and Sean Delbecarro

Location: Rock and Roll Room




Post-graduate Women’s group - Monday nights at 8:00

Meet other women at UBC- that are in the “real” world, a time to fellowship, build relationships and learn together. This semester we are diving into the book  7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker.

Contact Lindsay Carney at : lindsay.r.carney@gmail.com if you are interested!

Pub Group-- Wednesday nights at 8:00

Let's face it-- Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. Our Pub Group meets once a week and hangs out, talks about whatever the hot topic of the week is, and is a great chance to connect with people in a relaxed atmosphere. For more information, email will.ray.knight@gmail.com.

Location: Dancing Bear Pub

Mi Casas-- Various nights throughout the week

Throughout the week small groups meet at the homes of UBC'ers to share a meal, talk about their weeks and form community in meaningful ways. Each group has its own "feel" and personality. If you are interested, please email craig@ubcwaco.org and set up a time to visit with me so we can determine the best way to get you connected. Space is limited and fluctuates throughout the year.

Other Groups

In addition to our already established groups, if there is an opportunity you would like to be involved in that does not currently exist, and you are willing to provide leadership for it and recruit participants, please let us know and we will help you get it started. Email craig@ubcwaco.org