ITLOTC 10-30-15


(In The Life Of The Church) 

Ordinary Time

The Mystery of Worship

I would like to say thank you to everyone who was able to worship with us this last Sunday.  It was and will remain one of the most meaningful days I’ve had at UBC.  A large number of you have spoken to the staff about your positive experiences.  Thank you for your encouragement. 

Worship is an experience in which we are led by individuals, but worship is also an experience in which we collectively receive from each other.   The obvious way this expresses itself is through congregational singing.  The sum of our voices make for something greater than whole of the parts.  Another tangible corporate moment happened through the collectively clapping that we did when we expressed our gratitude for the individuals who spoke or those who were honored for their contributions to the life of the church.  And then there are less obvious ways.  I’m not sure why, but one of the holiest moments for me is when I see the bunch us standing in line waiting for communion.  How is the line waiting a holy act?  I’m not sure.  Maybe it’s because it’s participatory.  Maybe because it’s open for anyone.  Maybe it’s because it’s the one place where patience seems to be accompanied by reverence.  Or maybe it’s because everyone seems so equal to me in that place. 

Here’s another intangible.  I began the service by naming that we had gathered to hope and remember.  Somehow we all did that so well.  How do I know?  I could feel it.  I said that worship is characterized by memory and hope because those emotions are the narratives that fill out our worship.  “God is mighty,” is a proclamation about God.  “God is mighty because he delivered from the hands of my enemy,” is a conviction shared from experience.  Karen, Craig and Jen gave us those narratives to fill up memory and hope, but you held that memory and hope, and it filled the room.

I’d like to describe what I think happened with the help of the scriptures.   I believe the gospel is the true story because I have experienced it.  At pinnacle of story, which begins with Adam and ends with things to come, is Jesus, His death and resurrection.  It’s the rehearsal of Easter Weekend.  It is the pattern of the Christian life.  Christ following does not walk around the pain it walks through it to resurrection.   This, to me, is the event that makes for one of the strange mysteries of the faith.  There is a joy that grows out of our suffering. 

I will tell you another mystery.  I used to think that the joy that comes from suffering is better than other joy, but not any more.  Now I just think it is a deeper joy. 

Listen to Paul make sense of this in 1 Corinthians 2. 

“we speak God’s wisdom in a mystery, the hidden wisdom which God predestined before the ages to our glory … For to us God revealed them through the Spirit; for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God. 11 For who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him? Even so the thoughts of God no one knows except the Spirit of God. 12 Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, so that we may know the things freely given to us by God.”

I believe that when we feel so deeply and profoundly in the worship gathering it is because we catch a glimpse of the mystery.   And when more and more of us see what is happening the sense of wonder grows larger … and you can feel it.

Today is October 30th, the actual ten year anniversary of Kyle’s death.  Today I challenge you look for the mystery.


Leadership Team Meeting Summary

The leadership team met on Sunday October 25th.  This is a summary of what was talked about.  Minutes from the meeting can be viewed upon request.  

Roll: All leadership members were present as was Josh Carney and Toph Whisnant. 

Devotional: Romans 5:3-5

HR Update: Toph gave an update on mid year reviews and an update on his role as the HR liaison. 

Finance Update: Josh gave a finance update.  The information for this finance update came directly from the newsletter writeup that was posted here

Scholarship Recipients: To verify the scholarship applications that we sign the headship team has to vote on accepting students who have been signed for.  Josh moved that we accept, Byron seconded and the motion passed with 7 votes to 0.   Two students were verified in this meeting. 

Pastoral Associates: An update was given on the work and performance of our pastoral associates.  

Ordination:  After a three month discernment period, the ordination committee recommended that Kelly Doolittle have his ordination affirmed by UBC.  Josh moved to accept the recommendation, Stan seconded it.  That motion passed by a vote to 7 - 0.  Details of Kelly's ordination service are forthcoming.  

We Love Our City Update: In the October 25th edition of the Waco tribune a statement of belief was signed by churches around Waco.  The leadership team had previously advised us not to sign it.  So we discussed this document and our response should we be asked why. 

L-Team Rotation Schedule: Three members from the leadership team, Kristin Dodson, David Wilhite and Byron Roldan are scheduled to rotate off in October 2016.  To break that up we created rotate off schedule.  Byron will rotate of in April (he graduates in May), Kristin in July, and David in October. 

Sabbatical:  Toph gave the leadership team his sabbatical proposal for the summer of 2016.  The leadership read it and asked questions.  Jon Davis moved that we vote to let Toph proceed with his sabbatical team to plan his sabbatical.  Stan seconded the motion.  The motion passed 7- 0.   

Fall Back (national-accidental-sunday-school-attendance-week)

Remember, this Saturday evening our clocks will be set back an hour. Interesting fact.  In google searching this picture I discovered that this grandfather clock, cost over $20,000. Christmas idea? 


Work is Worship

Greeters: The Blaylocks 

Coffee Makers:  Caroline & Sarah

Mug Cleaners: Team Haines


  •  Sunday Sermon Text: Luke 7:36-50 "Humility" Please be in prayer for my friend Taylor who will be preaching this Sunday! 

  • Girls Night, November 6th. 

  • Guys Night, November 13th. 

  • Thanksgiving Love Feast, November 22nd. 

  • Advent Workshop, November 29th. 

  • Backside event display the talent of local/UBC artists, Dec. 4th.  

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