Setlist 3-1-2015

This week, Josh preached from Mark 8:31-38 on suffering. Our songs were also broadly gathered around the theme of suffering. Below, you’ll find the list of the songs and artists. Clicking the song titles will take you to the lyrics. Below the songs, there is a brief explanation of how this week’s songs fit together. If you want to talk about any of these, feel free to comment or email me at


Wandering by Jameson McGregor

Deliver Me by David Crowder* Band

Fall Afresh by Jeremy Riddle

In the Night by Andrew Peterson

Be Thou My Vision

How They Fit In:

There are many ways to think about the significance of songs and the way they fit together–-this is simply one way you can look at these songs in light of this week’s theme.

Wandering: This song explores the fact that God is faithful to us despite the fact that we often try to use God for our own purposes.  In the midst of suffering, we have a tendency to attach a reason to it, sometimes even saying that God wanted some horrible thing to happen.  Though we often try in vain to make God fit into our expectations so that we can understand how God works, God remains faithful to us.

Deliver Me: This song acknowledges that God often does not pull us out of suffering, but instead though suffering.

Fall Afresh: This song is a cry out to the Spirit to be present with us.  This is a reflex we desperately need in the face of suffering.

In the Night: We will be singing this song for the next four weeks, adding a verse each time. Lent is often a rough time for us as we confront who we are and who we are becoming, and this song does a good job at placing hardship and hope side by side.  "In the night, my hope lives on," is an accurate summary of the Christian view of suffering in less than ten words.

Be Thou My Vision: We will be singing this every week in Lent as well--as we close our services, we will ask God once again to be our vision and wisdom as we continue on for another week in the desert of Lent.