ITLOTC 7-24-15


(In The Life Of The Church) 

Ordinary Time


Mission Partners

Throughout the year, we get dozen's of calls/emails from organizations around Waco and the world asking if we want to partner with them in what God is doing.  One of the jobs I am tasked with, along with the guidance and support of the staff and Leadership Team, is helping us discern what ministries to partner with as a congregation.  Our mission statement says this: UBC seeks to form a community of people into the way of Christ that embraces beauty and lives missionally.  As we are discerning what ministries to engage in, we recognize you to are involved in ministries that help bring reconciliation to broken families, broken systems, and broken relationships.  Many of you work in organizations that advocate for children, support/care for children, fight for justice and equal rights, etc... This week alone, I have been contacting by several organizations asking us to raise awareness for the work the Lord is doing through them.  So, I would like to a moment to highlight those opportunities this week. Below you will find a link to each organization, and the opportunity you have to help raise awareness for their ministry or to support in any way you feel led to.  If you have any questions, or you would like for our community to help raise awareness for a ministry you are involved, I would love to meet with you. You can email me here: Toph.

Jesus Said Love
Jesus Said Love is one of current community partners, and their ministry centers around working those in strips clubs in Waco and across Texas, sharing the love of Christ with them with no strings attached.  This week they contacted us with two opportunities to serve and learn. 
First, they are looking to add 3 to 5 guys to their security team for this Fall.  The security team helps drive team members to the clubs, and while the women go inside to spend time with the dancers, the security team prays for those ministering inside, for the dancers and club owners, and is available should any situation arise in which their help is needed.  If you are interested in helping with the security team, please email
Second, JSL is hosting a conference called Serve Model in October.  It is a brain based approach to working with people including those who have suffered trauma of any kind.  Bonnie Martin is the keynote.  She is an expert in the field as well as a dedicated Jesus lover.  You can find more information here: Serve Model

Grace House Waco
On August 13th, Grace House, the only residential recovery home in Waco serving women who want freedom from addiction to drugs and alcohol, will be hosting its first annual banquet and silent auction called, A Night with Grace House: Telling our Story!  Enjoy dinner while you hear the stories of women who have been set free from addiction by the healing power of Jesus.  This co-ed fundraiser is a great opportunity to have a fun evening with your family, friends or anyone from the community you think would to be a part!  You can sign up for the event by going to our webpage: Grace House Waco
Individual tickets are $40; attire is business casual; and the event is recommended for those 16+.

Every Village

Every Village is an oraganization that is committed to helping transform communities in South Sudan.  They have a number of initiatives, and recently they contacted us about helping with their radio program.  Every Village's radio network supports the work of long term missionaries, broadcasting the gospel and community development teaching through solar-powered, hand held radios distributed in local communities.  Each radio cost $20.  You can read more about their program and ways to be involved by going here: radio.

Work is Worship 

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