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Ordinary Time

Treasure Hunting and Scripture Reading

The first time I made it home after leaving for college I spent time with a high school friend who asked,

"So Josh, what's your thing right now?" 

Me: "What do you mean, what's my thing?" 

Friend: "You know, you always have a thing." 

He's right, I always have a thing.  It's probably a form of obsessive compulsive behavior.  I find something new that I'm interested in and I can't quit.  It's what I do for however long I'm interested.  My friend, for example, was probably present to the fact that I had declared about six different majors before I got to college.  

I have a new thing right now.  Treasure hunting.  

My friend Tanner posted a link on his Facebook wall.  It was a story about a guy hunting for a treasure.  A real treasure. 

I started doing research.  It turns out that real life Indiana Jones-eclectic-millionaire Forrest Fenn buried a treasure full of gold nuggets, coins, gems and other artifacts that he's acquired over the years.  Forrest is from Temple, TX but spent every summer in Yellowstone until he was about 21.  As such he became an explorer and treasure hunter.  Forrest has been all over the world looking for ancient artifacts and other rare finds.  Eventually his efforts turned into an art gallery in Sante Fe, New Mexico.  Forrest was good at trading.  He became a millionaire.  

At some point Forrest got cancer.  He was treated, but his doctors told him he had a 20% chance of making it.  So what did Forrest do?  He wrote memoir that includes a poem which has 9 clues as to the location of the treasure.  And then ... he beat cancer.  So now the treasure is out there and millions of people have been looking for it since 2010 and Forrest is watching.  

So that's my new thing.  I'm looking for Forrest's treasure.  

Let me fill you in on what my looking includes.  Forrest has said that all you need to find the treasure is the poem.  So I'm taking him at his word.  I'm bypassing the blogs full of crazy theories based on his memoir and all the mind reading people do based on cryptic things Forrest says in interviews.  I'm sticking with the poem. 

What does this mean?  It means I read and reread and reread the poem again and again.  It means that I google definition every word in the poem to look for possible meanings.  It means I look for word patterns and a play on words.  It means that I've researched leads and read entire histories on people and places that I'd never head of before.  It means I've google mapped obscure locations that I've never been near.  I've never thought more acutely about 24 lines of poetry in my life.  

And then one day this week it dawned on me.  This is how I'm called to read scripture.  The NIV uses the word meditate 29 times usually with a command telling us to do just that with the scripture--meditate.  Let me apply some of the same methodology I've used in decoding the poem to the word "meditation."  If you look it up in a dictionary you the synonym "rumination."  Farmers know what rumination is because their cows do it.  It's a process where they roll grass around in their mouth chewing it over and over.  Then they swallow it and send to their stomachs to let the acid strip off some of the layers on the grass.  Then they bring it back up to chew some more.  This process helps them extract every single possible nutrient they can from the grass.  

That's how thoughtful people read the Bible.  I've got a ways to go.  

Welcome Back Lunch

Football tailgates, pumpkin spice everything, and temperatures that only reach the mid to high nineties.  Fall is here and school is back in session.  Come celebrate with us after church this Sunday as we collectively chow down on some grub prepared by the good people at El Crucero.  

Sunday School

Sunday School starts this Sunday!  You can read more about the class and what to expect here

We Need Your Help (with greeting)

UBC is in need of greeters for the fall semester! Greeters serve one Sunday per month September through December. It's a great way to serve our church while meeting new people! You can sign up here https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MRWNHC5 or contact Maxcey Blaylock at maxceykite@gmail.com for more information.

Emerging Parents

Our first emerging parents monthly hangout will be Wednesday, September 2 from 5:30-7:00. Emerging parents in a potluck gathering in which kids play and parents spend time getting to know each other and talk about parenting.  If you are interested in attending email josh@ubcwaco.org. 

Fall Training: Satan Slayers Preview 

Recently our sports reporter Flip Majkowksi had a chance head to Florida to catch up with the Satan Slayers pre-season squad and talk with coach Byron Roldan about the upcoming Season.  

Majkowksi: Coach last year, your team started out hot and then went on a losing streak.  what can fans expect in 2k15? 
Roldan:  Well we've been really pleased with the work the front office has done.  We feel like we acquired some critical players this off season and brought back some really talented kids.  So we're optimistic about what's going to happen this October.  
Majkowksi: You mentioned acquisitions.  One problem down the stretch seemed to be generating runs.  What kind power can we expect on the offensive side of the ball that we didn't see last year. 
Roldan: Rob Engblom is a guy who is a threat on both sides of the ball.  Look for him to do some damage from the five spot.  He's our left/center fielder and a black hole. Jamey Yadon came to us from Sacramento.  He's gonna deliver a lot RBIs and can hit the south paws really well.  Jeff Latham has been hitting the ball real well this spring season ... so yeah we're feeling good. 
Majkowksi: How about defensively?  
Roldan: We picked a kid from Notre Dame, Brad Rettler.  I liken Brad to the Ozzie Smith of Waco City softball.  He gets in the dirt. He's athletic. He's gonna save us a few runs eery game.  And then the person who really makes our defensive scheme work is Amber Wilhite. We're going to use her in the utility spot.  We were fortunate to pick Amber up off wavers at the end of last season.  
Majkowski: I think the question Slayer fans have been asking all off season is how is Dani Miller's rotator cuff?  
Roldan:  Dani is 100%.  Her surgery went well and we think you'll see her name on the MVP ballot at the end of this season.  Another name to look out for Kelsey Lawson.  Vegas has her at 9-1 right now.  
Majkowski:  Coach, how is the rotation shaping up? 
Roldan:  The pen is looking good.  Watch for Jacob Robinson to throw a few frames each game after about five innings.  He's a monster. 
Majkowski: Thanks coach and good luck this year. 
Roland: Thank You. 

Work is Worship

Greeters:  team haines 

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