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(In The Life Of The Church) 

Ordinary Time

Town Hall Information 

Last January we had a town hall and one thing we decided coming out of that meeting was that we wanted to have more transparency between the staff, leadership team, and community.  As part of that effort we decided to have a town hall a month before each quarterly leadership team meeting.  This January marks a year since that decision and our first attempt at the January meeting under the new provisions.  Here's what I've learned.  Having a town hall a month before our January leadership team meeting is extremely difficult.  An early December town hall meeting translates into an early leadership team meeting and some of our folks are still not around.  A late January leadership team meeting translates into a late December town hall and I assure you, that few, if any, would come to that.  Hence our predicament.  In light of this we will have our town hall this coming Sunday January 10th, and our leadership team meeting will be Sunday January 24th.  Please be in prayer for our team as we approach that meeting.  The town hall/leadership team meeting agenda is below.  

Because I don't anticipate this meeting will be long we will go ahead and hold the meeting ten minutes after the conclusion of the service.  

Town Hall Agenda


Finance update

Because our next finance meeting is (Monday the 11th) the most up to day financial information we have is from the end of November.  That information was printed in the newsletter in mid December.  I've bolded the bottom line details.  Here is that summary:

**** Addendum ****

since sending the newsletter I checked my email and seen that amy sent documents for Monday's meeting.  i will present some of the updated financial information on Sunday.  

UBC Financial Statusas of: December 7, 2015

THE PLAN:  Our fiscal year runs from the first of July through the end of June.  This year’s budget is $309,412.  Fixed expenses (staff salaries, building and office expenses) are projected to be $253,373, or 82% of the total, and ministry expenses (the many things our church does for our community and for those who attend) are projected at $56,039 or 18%.

OUR EXPENSES AND INCOME:  Between July 1st and December 7th, we have spent $119,913 or about 39% of our budget. Those items considered fixed accounted for 88% of this spending.  Our income from tithes and offerings during this period totaled $145,156; we have also received a small amount (about $170) in interest and other income (e.g., building rental).

OUR STATUS:  UBC’s cash (checking account) balance is currently $49,419, with another $87,796 in savings.  We continue to carry no debt.  Quick math shows that we have the cash to meet about 66 days of expenses without having to dip into our savings.  This is an improvement from earlier in the year, but we continue to rely heavily on weekly tithes and offerings.

If you’d like to be a financial partner with UBC, you can sign up for monthly giving through EasyTithe.

New Leadership Team Member

UBC will be selecting a new member to serve on the leadership team.  Our friend Byron Roldan has served faithfully for the last 2.5 years, but has taken his internship south to Houston.  We are grateful for Byron and his service to our community. 

Here are a few guidelines from the bylaws about leadership team selection:

(A) Purpose.  The Leadership Team shall be the primary decision-making body of UBC.  The Leadership Team will oversee all the business and property of the church, as well as make the final decisions regarding hiring and dismissal of staff and the acquisition and selling of assets that are beyond budgetary provisions. 

(B) Qualifications.  Each member of Leadership Team shall have been a member of UBC for at least one year, exhibited an understanding and commitment to the mission and values of the church, and be willing to fulfill all responsibilities in the Leadership Team job description.

(C) Term.  Members of Leadership Team may serve for a duration lasting up to three years.  While they are encouraged to remain the full three years, members may voluntarily remove themselves from their position at any time.

New HR Team Member

Our friend Jeff Walter has served faithfully on the HR team for the last several years.  We are grateful for Jeff and his service.  We’d love for you to consider serving or nominating someone to serve that you think would be good in this role.  Here are a few details about HR from the bylaws:

(A) Purpose.  The Human Resources/Staff Support Team shall exist for the following purposes:

a.     To establish procedures for the hiring of ministerial and non-ministerial staff, and to enact those procedures when advised by Leadership Team to do so.

b.    To advise Leadership and Finance teams on issues regarding long-term staff needs.

c.     To create and implement staff review procedures.

d.    To advise Leadership and Finance teams on matters regarding staff compensation, benefits, grievances and termination.

e.    To be a liaison between the congregation and staff during times of conflict after all attempts at personal, one-on-one resolution has been made. 

(B) Qualifications.  HR/Staff Support Team members shall have been an active participant in the life of UBC for no less than one year, have received a bachelor’s degree (or roughly an equivalent amount of experience in personnel management, ministry, or other related field,) and have a demonstrable understanding of organizational management. 

(C) Term. HR/Staff Support Team members shall serve for a duration lasting up to five years.  All efforts shall be made by the HR/Staff Support Team to ensure that no more than two members in a given year rotate off of the team due to duration requirements. While they are encouraged to remain the full five years, members may voluntarily remove themselves from their position at any time.

Open and Carry Policy:

As you have probably heard Texas recently became an open and carry state.  As a result we feel it is in the best interest of the church to address this policy change and its implications for our community.     In full discloser the staff talked about this and I/we are not in favor of letting people UBC having an open and carry policy.  I plan on sharing that input with the leadership team.  If you have an opinion that you care to share the leadership team will be discussing this issue on the 24th. Please come ready to share.  

Miscellaneous Items: 

Parking lot and roof repair:  both our parking lot and roof have problems.  I (josh) am in process of getting a few quotes on these facility problems.  Per the bylaws we leave most decisions like these (facility needs under $750) to the staff and finance team.  However, because these will be potentially larger items of cost, we would like the community to be aware of these choices. 

Mi Casa Information

Howdy folks! It's a new semester and just about time for Mi Casa's to start meeting again. If you're interested in gathering once a week with a group in a home to share food and life then Mi Casa might be for you! If you have been looking for a way to connect with UBC'ers between Sundays then I'd love to connect you with a Mi Casa. Email me at

UBC 21st Birthday Party

Friends, make sure you have January 24th marked on your calendars, we are turning 21!!!!!  The service that day will be a chance for us to reflect on all God has done in and through UBC over the past 21 years, and we are going to throw a huge birthday party after church.  UBC will be providing the food, drink, and dessert; we just want you to show up and be ready to party!  Before church we will be showing a slideshow, and we need your help: if you have any pictures from your time at UBC (i.e. - UBC events, micasa, trips, etc…) please send them to 



We have a meeting this Sunday afternoon, be looking for an update in the next newsletter.

Spring Sunday School

Here is a list and description of our Spring Sunday School classes: 

Theology and Creation
Theology and Creation is a time for us to think together about the natural world, our place in it, and God’s plan for it. We will be attempting to think Christianly about ethics, the contemporary ecological crises, where we should buy groceries, and how we can be the image, not just of God, but of Christ in and to the world. Led by Kim Minnick and Gerhard Stuebben

Encountering God

How do we encounter God? This is a fundamental question humanity has pursued through the centuries and we all still yearn for answers today. In Christian Scripture, we find hope and truth for this question in Jesus Christ as "God with us." In this class, we will explore this beautiful aspect of our faith - the Incarnation -  by discussing various passages that point us to this wonderful encounter between God and man - the intersection of the human and the divine. Hopefully, in our journey together to encounter God, we will be surprised by how much God yearns to encounter us. Led by Mick Colananni

Renovation of the Heart

Join us as we read Dallas Willard's Renovation of the Heart and learn about what it means for us to grow into the pattern of Christ's life. In this class, we'll talk about what spiritual formation is, and how it happens. While reading the book is not required, it's strongly encouraged. Led by Haley Alloway and Luke Stehr

Passion Narratives

Led by Kelly Doolittle:  Description forth coming. 

In Family News

Meet Our Newest UBCer

Titus Shin-En Lee


Birthday: 12-16-15

Birth Weight: 7.12

Birth Height: 21

Enneagram Number: 1

Work is Worship

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  • Sunday Sermon: Genesis 16:1-13/Galatians 4:21-31 " "Reclaiming the previous version of yourself: Bible Reading" 
  •  UBC 21st is happening on Sunday, January 24th

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Leadership Team

If you have a concern or an idea for UBC that you’d like to share with someone that is not on staff, feel free to contact one of our leadership team members. 

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