ITLOTC 11-11-16


(In The Life Of The Church) 



On Sunday, after we participated in communion, we had the option to grab the sticker shown above: "I communed with someone I disagree with today."  This week has revealed what we already knew: our country is deeply divided.  It is in this season, the Church should be on the front lines practicing empathy and listening to those marginalized and those who marginalize.   The following is an excerpt from David Dark's book: The Sacredness of Questioning Everything:

Fordham University philosophy professor Merold Westphal puts the matter rather beautifully: "If I am good listener, I don't interrupt the other or plan my own next speech while pretending to be listening.  I try to hear what is said, but I listen just as hard for what is not said and for what is said between the lines.  I am not in a hurry, for there is no pre-appointed destination for the conversation.  There is no need to get there, for we are already here; and in this present I am able to be fully present to the one who speaks.  The speaker is not an object to be categorized or manipulated, but a subject who life situation is enough like my own that I can understand it in spite of the differences between us.  If I am good listener, what we have in common will be more important than what we have in conflict"  

"What we have in common will be more important" than defensively dissociating ourselves from those who might somehow call our rightness into question.  And being capable of discerning what we have in common with the people who challenge our sense of decorum will involved silencing the tape, the inner monologue, that tells us why we're right and others are wrong, even as we pretend to listen by nodding knowingly.  Our momentarily stilled tongues might genuinely signify the reception of another person's witness.  And if they do, it could be that God's kingdom, where two or more are gathered in this way, is already present.

"In the end," Thomas Merton assures us, "it is the reality of personal relationships that saves everything."  And the reality comes unto us when we cast aside our categorizing impulses and our armored suits of offhandedness (powerful feeling though they may be) and enter into the dangerous and redeeming space where people, all kinds of people (the marginalized and those who marginalize), enter into the blessed work of actually listening to one another.



If you are interested in going on our trip to Thailand, please contact  There are still a few spots open, and the trip is May14-28, 2017.  We will be working with South Asian immigrants in northern Thailand.

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