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Ordinary Time

Women in Ministry

I’m not sure if you have slowed down to notice, but UBC has no full time pastors that are women.  Emily is a part time children’s pastor, which is not an atypical position for a woman to hold in church life, and Amy is our office manager.  With this information one might glean that UBC has a pretty standard view of woman in ministry for the Baptist south.

I think I sometimes feel defensive about this issue.  When it comes up I’m quick to point out that when we hired two community pastors in 2010 two of the final six (out of about 50 applicants) were women.  When we hired Emily, I intentionally advocated for her title to be changed from “minister” to “pastor” because I believe she is.  I want people to know that despite our lack of a full-time female pastor on staff we are very much for women in ministry.

A few months ago I submitted an article to the Christian Century.  The magazine called for submissions on the topic of mentoring.  My story was about Michelle, a hall director at Bethel College in St. Paul, MN.  In the article I shared about how I went to college with a complementarian view of women in the household and church.  Looking back I don’t think those position came from deep thoughtfulness, but rather merged out of few opinions I’d heard and no real study on the issue.

My flimsy perspective on this issue was called into question my junior year by Michelle.  Michelle is not a bra burning feminist nor did she ever bring up the issue of women in ministry.  She just led.  And she led me effectively.  Her witness smacked my suppositions in the face.  Let me be more specific because a few complementarians are already objecting that they do believe women can lead.  OK you’re right, but I wasn’t just led by Michelle, Michelle grew me as a disciple, and so that there’s really no question … exercised a spiritual authority (and not the sort of authority that needs to let you know it is authority, but rather Jesus picking up a towel sort of authority) over me that resulted in my being closer to Jesus.  I submitted to her spiritual leadership and was a better Christ follower as a result of it.

When my year as a resident assistant under Michelle was over, I realized that I had changed on this issue.  I decided that women belong in ministry.

You might have also gleaned from UBC that we allow space for diversity on issues.  If isn’t explicit in the way we talk about an issue, then it’s explicit in the way we don’t talk about that issue.  Part of that is simply diplomatic and a reflection of the ethos of the church, but part of that is that I just don’t think people’s opinions change via Facebook posts or through arguments.  I think change, real change, happens most often over the course of year when you spend time learning to love someone different than you.  Change happens in relationship when people take the time to love us through change.

That being said I should note that UBC does take a stand on one issue explicitly, namely, women in ministry.  February is Martha Sterns Marshall women in ministry month.  To join thousands of other Baptists in celebrating women who are or should be in ministry we will feature two female preachers.  If you agree with UBC on this issue I hope you’ll come and be blessed.  If you find yourself opposed to UBC on this issue, I hope you’ll come and be blessed.

Ash Wednesday

UBC will be observing Ash Wednesday with two worship gatherings on Wednesday February 10th @ 7:00 AM and again @ 5:30 PM.  Please come ready to worship God and acknowledge that you are a sinner.  

Love, Love (& one more Love because it's on Valentines Day this year) Love Feast

Black Hearts Sunday: the day when Lent 1 falls on Valentines Day. 

Friends, it is that time of year again, when we embrace love, and by love, I mean food!  Bring the dish you love the most, and bring enough to share.  The feast will begin at 6pm, on Sunday night, February 14th.  If you would like to bring a dessert, please sign-up in the foyer at church.  If you are bringing a main dish, a side, or an appetizer, there is no need to sign-up.  UBC will provide drinks, you bring your favorite food.  If you have any questions, please email

Empty Nesters Event! 

After church on 2-21-16 those UBCers who are celebrating the golden years will gather at Baris for Lunch.  For more information email kim @

Work is Worship

Greeters:  Walters and Evie

Coffee Makers:  Chad & Joel 

Mug Cleaners:  Kaylin & Madi 


  • Sunday Sermon: This Sunday my friend Heather Mooney will be preaching.  Please be in prayer for her as she prepares. Luke 9:28-46
  • Chris Tweedt will be leading a series of three talks about the intersection of faith and philosophy. Talks will run in the evening from 7:30-8:30 and will take place at UBC. for more information email Chris @
    • Feb 24: Perceiving God or Arguing for God?
    • Mar 23: What Does God Think About Suffering?
    • April 20: Who, If Anyone, Should We Trust about Religion? 


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