Thailand Update - Final

We have been back from Thailand for approximately 48hrs now, and I have been asked many times how the trip was.  This is always a difficult question to answer, in part, because it is hard to sum up two weeks of cross-cultural experiences in one conversation.  However, I will try to attempt of a few highlights in this final blog.

Our ministry partners in Chiang Mai work with South Asian immigrants in a major tourist area in the city.  Their work with these immigrants include a house church, helping people connect with others from their home country, and building relationships that reflect the light and love of Jesus Christ.  We talk a lot about relational evangelism within Christian circles, and our ministry partners spend their ordinary everyday living out Truth.  We, as a team, had the opportunity to participate in their work, and place ourselves in their shoes for a few days.

Over the course of the first two days of shop visits, we were able to meet and connect with 13 new people from South Asia, something that would have taken our ministry partners months to a year to do.  During our time in Thailand, we spent time praying for the human trafficking nightmare that exists there, and praying specifically for those who are involved in the sex trade.   We were told 2 days before we left, by one partners we connected with while there, 2 pedophiles were arrested during our last week in Thailand, and two children were set free from their bondage. According to our ministry partner, she attributed this as a direct result of so many people praying for God to move and justice to be served.

We also had the privilege of worshipping with fellow believers from India, Nepal, Myanmar, and Bangladesh, singing songs of praise in Hindi as well as in English.  We heard one particularly powerful testimony from our friend Prabhu, who is from India.  He is in Thailand to study and become a missionary, his vision is to plant a church for Thai people.  He came to Thailand without the support of friends and family, yet trusting God to provide.  Once he had moved, his parents (who are Hindu) said they felt compelled to help him with his work in Thailand, although they do not understand why he is there.  Our friend Prabhu gives thanks to God for his provision.

Thank you for praying for the team while we were in Chiang Mai.  We learned and experienced at a great deal while were there.  We learned about South Asian Culture, Thai Culture, and the influences of Buddhism on the daily life of Thai’s.  We participated in prayer walks in the temples, tourist areas, and human trafficking hubs of Chiang Mai.  We were given a glimpse of how the Spirit is moving in Thailand, India, Nepal, Myanmar, and Bangladesh.  I would like to leave you with a quote shared by one of ministry partners our last night in Thailand: “Sometimes we have too much information, and not enough transformation.”  Please continue to pray for our team, that the Spirit would transform us more into the image of Christ because of our time in Thailand.   Please pray for our ministry partners in Chiang Mai, and please to continue to pray for Truth to be know throughout South Asia. 

Embrace Beauty,


*this is a photo overlooking Chiang Mai (it is also my first photo with a selfie-stick)


UBC Thailand Team