ITLOTC 7-21-17


(In The Life Of The Church) 

Ordinary Time

Town Hall Recap

At our town hall this last Sunday we focused on two things.  The first was a report on our current fiscal situation. 

UBC currently has $168,188.14 in checking and $97,464.87 in savings bring our total liquid assets to $270,164.75.  

We just concluded our 2K16-7 fiscal year which runs from July 1st-June 30th and during that period our total giving was $400,259.07. Our budget for the 2016-17 years was about 330K, but we added the children's pastor position which added another 30K in benefits and salary bringing out actual total closer to 360K.  

Our budget for the 2017-18 year is right at 400K.  

The other portion of the town hall was given to discussing our space situation.  I have a few updates to give from that.  After our April town hall and leadership team meeting, i was given a few actionable steps.  I was asked to bring in architect to answer a few questions including: 

1. can we utilize the space we already have better to solve our problems?

2. can we shut down Flint between 17th and 18th? 

3. What is the best way to do a and how much would a renovation cost. 

I met with architect Sterling Thompson and he was able to help me with a few things. To the first question the answer is no, we cannot solve our current space needs with our existing building.  2. The second question he is investigating.  3. The third question he answered by asking how much space we would need.  Off the cuff I guessed 8,000 sq. ft.  To give you an idea, our current building is 16,000 sq. ft.  I talked with him about building off of the 18th st. side of the building (the orange arrow below) and the Flint side of the building (the red arrow below) and he was able to immediately determine that it would be much more cost effective to build towards 18th.  If you can see the picture below, Sterling said that 8,000 sq. ft. would be roughly the length of our building out to the yellow line that divides the parking space (near the tip of the orange arrow below).  If this were the plan pursue, we'd investigate shutting down flint and turning that and the lot we own across the st. (Flint) into additional parking.  

A few months ago I told my friend, UBCer, and commercial real estate super champion Lisa Monroe that if anyone ever wanted to offer us big money and another in town location came up for sale that we could move to, UBC might be interested.  That comment was half-hearted, but not untrue.  Low, on one fine Wednesday Lissa called me and asked, "hey, have you seen the Brazos Electric Company property?"  

Turns out the BEC property is 11 acres with several buildings on LaSalle, right by the circle.  Lisa sent me a flyer, I shared it with the staff and we decided to go take a look with Jon Davis and Stan Denman from the leadership team and Melissa Whisnant who I asked to get some aesthetics feedback.  

So we looked at the property, dreamed dreams and asked questions.  The most obvious being how much?  The BEC property is listed for 1.85 million.  However, Lisa told us that several hotels and other commercially interested buyers have already inquired about purchases some of the acreage for development.  The BEC won't sell the property without the building.  So Lisa thinks that if we can sell our current space and sell off ... say half of the 11 acres, we might be able to get into the building nearly debt free.  

The question then becomes, could we renovate the property at an affordable rate?  Back to Sterling Thompson.  So after showing Sterling our building, I told him about the BEC and asked if we got him the plans for the BEC if he could tell us what would be feasible.  Low and behold, Sterling did addition to the BEC so he already has the plans. 

So this is where we are at.  Sterling is looking for the BEC property, investigating shutting down Flint and working on ideas for an expansion to our current building.  

What I would like from you if you consider yourself a UBCer is: 

1. prayers for myself, the staff, and the leadership team as we discern how to move forward 

2. advice.  please contact us with your own thoughts.  



Sunday School Reminder

Friends, just a friendly reminder that tour weekly Sunday School summer class meets in the backside at 9:30 AM.  Kolachies provided.  

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