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Ordinary Time

What I Really Wanted: Another Sappy Post About My Childhood Home

My favorite television show of all time is Parenthood.  The reason it is my favorite show of all time is because it is the best television show of all time.  Another reason it is my favorite show of all time is because it offered images that make sense of my life for me. 

In the last season of the show *** spoiler alert *** Zeek and Millie, the patriarch and matriarch of the Braverman clan, which the show is centered around, sell the home that they raised their four children in.  Can you see the connection between this and my life right now?  After they have moved and began unpacking, Zeek informs Millie that he can't find an autographed baseball.  Eventually he has an epiphany.  The ball is in a shoebox hidden in the rafters of the barn on the property of the home they sold.  So they go back to explain the situation to the new home owners in attempt to get Zeek's missing baseball.  

The following clip is that moment.  


The new pastor at the church my dad served for 28 is Ryan Hawley.  I have to confess to you that I was deeply suspicious of Ryan, not because of anything Ryan had done, but because I would have been suspicious of anyone who took that job after my dad.  In the last year of my dad's life, one of the hidden miracles was that the Hawley's rented the house next to my parents.  During that year Ryan would come over and talk to my dad and seek his advice.  My dad loved Ryan.  

I don't know if you believe in fairy tales, but this story includes a small version of one.  Eventually the Hawley's moved out of that house they rented and bought and remodeled a home in town.  They didn't love it, and when my sister was at my mom's house on vacation this summer she mentioned to Ryan that my mom's house was still for sale.  After a few conversations, the Hawley's decided that they would like to purchase my parent's house which, was on and off the market for five years.  

There's a scene near the end of the movie The Family Stone, when Claire Danes, who is dealing with the reality that she and her sister's finance have fallen in love with each other, confesses, "it's too much."  I suppose that the notion that the person who took the job my dad was doing for 28 years was now also going to be living in the house he built could be "too much."  But in the Christian story we are given a hermeneutic to make sense of this kind of craziness.  It's peace.  The profound and deep feeling that "this makes sense," or "this is just right."  That's how my family feels about the Hawley's buying the home we grew up in.  

On the Sunday of Labor Day weekend the Hawley family and a group of good Samaritans from the church came to the house to move all my mom's furniture into the moving truck.  During that time I showed Ryan's youngest son Sammy, who is just a few years older than I was when I moved into that house, that you could remove the grate covering the heat vent coming out underneath fire place.  I told him that it made a great dungeon to keep your bad GI Joe guys.  I then went outside and watched Ryan's middle son John-Mark pick apples of our apple tree and with his friends use tennis rackets to hit them so they exploded in the yard.  And then I talked with Ryan for about a half hour.  I showed him where the water shut off was for the house.  I showed him where our black lab was buried and I shared memories of the house. 

It wouldn't be until later that week when I was recounting this bit of the story to my childhood best friend that I realized how cathartic that moment was.  

I have had many dreams for my childhood home over the years.  One of them included me being wealthy enough to purchase that home and keep as a weekend retreat.   But if I'm honest, that never felt right.  What I realized in processing those moments I had with the Hawleys is that what I really wanted for the Holy space I grew up in is for it to be filled with life.  

I want those kids to build forts in the woods.  I want them to make Christmas memories there. I want them to go sledding on the hill beside the house.  I want them to sneak in and out of the room above the garage when they are teenagers.  I want their family to eat a million meals together there.  I want them to laugh and cry and love and lose in that house.  I want them to fill that house up with the life God has for them just like God filled it up with ours.  

Because ... that's what the kingdom does with gifts.  God gives them and then God gives them again and again and again.  And that is good because that is the best thing for us.  

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