ITLOTC 7-7-19


(In The Life Of The Church)

Summer Poem

Everywhere I’ve gone this summer, I’ve seen so many children. During school seasons, I forget that children exist until Sunday mornings at church. I think this is what “Summer Magic” is for me—hearing the sounds of babies cooing, giggling boys and girls at the park, seeing infant after infant in their parents’ arms blinking with sheer wonder at me as I smile. I forget how amazing children are, and I love that summer is a reminder.

As I’m in awe of children during the summer, I’d like to share this poem titled, The Children by Mark Jarman.

The children are hiding among the raspberry canes.
They look big to one another, the garden small.
Already in their mouths this soft fruit
That lasts so briefly in the supermarket
Tastes like the past. The gritty wall,
Behind the veil of leaves, is hollow.
There are yellow wasps inside it. The children know.
They know the wall is hard, although it hums.
They know a lot and will not forget it soon.

When did we forget? But we were never
Children, never found where they were hiding
And hid with them, never followed
The wasp down into its nest
With a fingertip that still tingles.
We lie in bed at night, thinking about
The future, always the future, always forgetting
That it will be the past, hard and hollow,
Veiled and humming, soon enough.

Grace and peace to you all,

Kid’s Camp Meeting! - July 21 after church:

We will be having a Kid’s Camp Info meeting for all of our kids and parents of kids who are going to Passport Kid’s Camp with us at the end of July. If you or your child are going to Kid’s Camp please plan to be at this meeting after church on July 21st. If you have any questions please contact Taylor at

UBC Summer Book Club

There is still time to pick up a copy of Understanding God’s Will by Kyle Lake, and join us for our book club discussion.  There will be copies available to grab in the office on Sunday.  If you have any questions, contact

Parishioner(s) of the week

Special shout out to Brett and Emily Mills for leading us in worship last Sunday. It was a blessing!

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  • Preacher: Sharyl West Loeung

  • SWCC summer movie days 6-26, 7-10, 7-24

  • Young Adult/College Lake Retreat 7/12-14

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If you have a concern or an idea for UBC that you’d like to share with someone that is not on staff, feel free to contact one of our leadership team members. 

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