***No Sunday School March 10th & 17th***

Our Sunday School classes meet at 9:30am, and childcare is provided.
You can learn about each class below.

Attention Collection

Led by Jameson McGregor and Kerri Fisher
Location: Red Room

We all have a collection we've been curating since we were born.  It is composed of all the things that have challenged and formed us more fully into who we are--that have shaped what we think about ourselves and our neighbor; about God and the cosmos.  It is made up of movies, songs, books, places, memories....you get the idea.  Collections like this do their job best when we take the time to notice them, and perhaps to share them with one another.  So this class is going to be about that.  About sharing parts of ourselves with one another by sharing things have that been meaningful to us.  And in our sharing, we hope to come to know ourselves, our neighbors, and our God more fully.

Haunting and Holy: Conversations on Addressing Racial Injustice

Led by Liz Ligawa and Paul Fillmore
Location: Rock n Roll Room

“Our only chance at dismantling racial injustice is being more curious about its origins than we are worried about our comfort. It's not a comfortable conversation for any of us. It is risky and messy. It is haunting work to recall the sins of our past. But is this not the work we have been called to anyway? Is this not the work of the Holy Spirit to illuminate truth and inspire transformation? It's haunting, but it’s also holy.”

-Austin Channing Brown, From “I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness”

This group will provide a space to explore and discuss the harm that racial injustice has caused in America, and the ways we might participate in healing and restoration. We feel that this work begins with honest conversation, and we want to be a place for curiosity and learning about these issues, in which we allow the Holy Spirit freedom to work on our hearts, in her own time and in her own ways. Following the example of the parable of the Good Samaritan, this group will help identify ways to: 1) Notice what has happened (and is happening) in regard to racial injustice in our communities and spaces, 2) Move toward (rather than away from) this legacy of injury and harm, with the goal of increased empathy and understanding, and 3) Learn about ways to show compassion (“suffer with”) and mercy where harm and injury has occurred, and think about pathways for meaningful action. To pursue the haunting and the holy requires courage and risk, but we believe there is much beauty and healing to be found in this process, and that it is vital work for the Body of Christ to be in the midst of. 

Reading Someone Else’s Mail: A Study of Paul’s Letters

Led by Matthew Palmer
Location: Blue Room

In this class, we will read the letters of Paul together and labor to understand who the Apostle was, the communities he formed, and the development of early Christianity decades following the death and resurrection of Christ.