Though ubc seems to do a decent job at creating room for people to feel like they might belong in our community, we have a problem with forming meaningful connections with one another once we're all here--with caring for one another. 

Taylor and Jamie have formed a team of ubc'ers to think through some ways to address this problem.  Part of that process has been asking each of the conversation parters a series of questions about the problem in order to begin to trace the edges of some possible solutions.  We wanted the conversation group to be small enough to accommodate an interactive conversation, so it is comprised of 8 people, but we need more than 8 voices feeding into this if we are going to have any hope of remedying this problem.  To work toward that end, we are making our initial questions available for anyone who is willing to lend us their voice and experience.  If you have any questions about this process, feel free to email jamie@ubcwaco.org or taylor@ubcwaco.org.

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