"Devotions for Lent"-- Week 1

Sunday February 26, 2012 The Devotions for Lent booklets are coming in slower than we had expected.  This morning we will have a few copies for those who have $3.  The rest should be coming in early this week.  No worries, though, for the publisher has placed the first weeks readings, art and reflection online in a pdf. format.  You can access it HERE...

A few words on how to read the devotions--

1.  There is a list of weekly readings on the first page.  At the end of the booklet are the complete verses.  Spend time each day reading one of the selections.

2.  You'll notice that there isn't a clear "flow" to each week.  This is intentional.  The goal isn't to get to the end of the week having checked off every little item, but rather to have spent time intentionally reading the Scriptures, praying the prayers, and reflecting on the artwork.

3.  Don't read so much for information but rather for transformation.  More on this later.

Be on the lookout this week on this blog for reflection questions.