Getting to Know You(bc): Michael Scott...

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Where do you call home?

I'm originally from Alaska, but I call San Antonio home. 

What do you do in Waco?

I'm a freshman at Baylor, I'm pre-business at the moment.

What do you love most about UBC?

I love the music and community, and that everyone is so inviting, and my Mi Casa <3

Favorite Movie?

The Blindside/Pitch Perfect.


Is Heaven For Real by Todd Burpo.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A princess, and a dolphin trainer, and a flight attendant, and a teacher and a mom.

What do you want to be now when you grow up?

I think I want to be in the Army reserves and be a Human Resource Executive at USAA, so that changed a little from back then.. But really I don't know. Anything is possible.

What's it like sharing a name with the most famous fictional boss of all time?

I think it's really funny. If I didn't love the office it'd probably be awful though. One of the best parts is when I can tell people wanna say something about it, but they don't wanna be awkward, which ends up being awkward. Lol:)

Favorite artist/band/musician?

I have a million. I love Brad Paisley, and Mumford & Sons, and MercyMe.

Best Burger in Waco?

Texas Roadhouse has the best burger anywhere.

What do we HAVE to know about you to really know you?

If something is pink and sparkly I more than likely love it. It doesn't take a lot to make me laugh, but when I think something is really funny, my laugh is horrible.

Favorite YouTube video. -

Single Ladies Devastation (he's just so sad! lol)