Getting to Know You(BC): Tye Barrett...

tye pic Name: Tye Barrett

Age: 29

Where do you call home?

Waco, but I am from Amarillo, TX. The greatest medium sized rural city in America.

What do you do in Waco? I create music for our church and with my friends.

What do you love most about UBC?

The people here are family to me.

Favorite Movie?


When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A cowboy

What do you want to be now when you grow up?

A chef

 Favorite artist/band/musician?


Best Burger in Waco?

Double R

What do we HAVE to know about you to really know you?

Pie is my love language. Buttermilk Pie is the strongest expression of that love!

What is your dream vacation?

My dream vacation would be an around the world trip with my wife Katie or a road trip across America with Katie and our dog Tillie!