ITLOTC 12-18-15


(In The Life Of The Church) 


Over the next four weeks we'll be hearing form various folks in our community on the themes of advent.  Those themes could be any number of things including: waiting, light in the darkness, anticipation, the lectionary texts or the four explicit themes of the candles (hope, peace, joy and love).  Our last entry comes from Sara Cooley.  Sara is working on completing her dual degree program in both Truett Seminary and Baylor's school of social work. _____________________________________________________________

In the Magnificat, Mary, who bears the Savior of the world, sings as though God’s salvation has already come. Jesus does indeed bring salvation through is birth, life, death, and resurrection, but not all that Mary sings is fully realized then and now. Not all the proud are scattered. Many of the mighty are still on their thrones. There are still too many people who are hungry. Mary embodies the longing and hope for salvation and peace that we have in this advent season. The Magnificat attests to Christ’s salvation as “already but not yet.” The gospel has been realized in Christ, but all is not yet well in the world. Christ’s kingdom is still to come, and Christians still have work to do.

In my introduction to social work class, Dr. Garland asked us why we wanted to be social workers. I answered, maybe naively, that I wanted to help people, particularly children, feel loved even when they are not loved at home. Dr. Garland responded that social workers are called to help people be loved more than feel loved. She explained that social workers are temporary figures in people’s lives, so we need to find people who will continue to love and care for our clients long after our relationship with them is over.

My mind connects this conversation with Dr. Garland to the Magnificat, because I believe Christians are called to be the kind of people that social workers can count on to love their clients. We are Christ’s witnesses and ambassadors. I believe every individual Christian continues the work that Christ began and Mary proclaimed. As we wait for Christ’s return, we seek to show mercy, fill the hungry, and help God’s servants. We share Mary’s faith that her words will be fulfilled. We all must follow Christ’s example by caring for outcasts of all kinds.

I know for me, I joyfully love those who are easy to love, maybe those who can offer it in return. I sometimes get it in my head that I have the right to choose who I love and who I will serve. Especially in my experience working in food service, when I encounter unpleasant guests, I find it far too easy to respond to them in a similar manner. The Magnificat speaks to the kind of people to whom God’s salvation comes – the humble, hungry, servants, and those who fear God. Maybe to truly love people, we must put aside our pride and self-righteousness and try to see the world from the eyes of those we find hard to love. We should ask what they are feeling and thinking before we step in to provide the help that we think they need. This means that will have to step out of our comfort zones and offer Christ’s love to all people, even those with whom we prefer to not associate.

As we long for Christ’s salvation and peace to all the world, may we find ways both individually and as a part of the Church to thank God for the redemption that we have received and to share God’s redemption with all those we encounter. May we intentionally seek to serve the humble and lowly and those on the margins of our society. 

Newsletter Taking a Brake

ITLOTC will not be in print Friday December 25 and January 1.  Please take the time that you would have used to read this newsletter to celebrate baby Jesus, enjoy family, and play with your new toys. 

Finance Update

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THE PLAN:  Our fiscal year runs from the first of July through the end of June.  This year’s budget is $309,412.  Fixed expenses (staff salaries, building and office expenses) are projected to be $253,373, or 82% of the total, and ministry expenses (the many things our church does for our community and for those who attend) are projected at $56,039 or 18%.

OUR EXPENSES AND INCOME:  Between July 1st and December 7th, we have spent $119,913 or about 39% of our budget. Those items considered fixed accounted for 88% of this spending.  Our income from tithes and offerings during this period totaled $145,156; we have also received a small amount (about $170) in interest and other income (e.g., building rental).

OUR STATUS:  UBC’s cash (checking account) balance is currently $49,419, with another $87,796 in savings.  We continue to carry no debt.  Quick math shows that we have the cash to meet about 66 days of expenses without having to dip into our savings.  This is an improvement from earlier in the year, but we continue to rely heavily on weekly tithes and offerings.

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Mi Casa Update

If you're looking for a way to commit to the life of UBC and form friendships with other folks in the community, Mi Casa is a great way to do that! Groups meet in homes once a week and build deeper community with one another.and typically share a meal too. 

We have hit that time of year where Mi Casa's take a break for the holidays. Since so many folks head out of town and Baylor is out of session we will wait until mid-January to get things going again. But, if you're interested in joining a Mi Casa and haven't had a chance to let me know that yet, this break time is a great time to get in touch! 

Email me at or fill out an info card on a Sunday morning. I'd love to begin talking with you and finding a place for you to connect this spring!

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