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(In The Life Of The Church)


Over the next six weeks of lent, the main article of the newsletter will be a lenten reflection written by someone from our community.   This week I'm honored to have John White write for us.  John is the Harold and Dottie Riley Assistant Professor of Practical Theology and director of the sports chaplaincy program at Truett.  

Kyrie, Eleison

Over the last couple of weeks the news junkies and pundits have excessively watched and debated the whys, whats and hows concerning the tragic fall of NBC’s Brian Williams. David Brooks, NY Times Op-Ed columnist, comments, in his imperturbable manner, that it is certainly sad whenever we go to such lengths to secure others’ admiration, which in Williams’s case it appears that (on a few important occasions) he did not let the truth get in the way of telling his stories. And, yet, Brooks also puts us uncomfortably in the dock when he points the finger at how barbaric our response can be to scandal. He writes, “When somebody violates a public trust, we try to purge and ostracize him. A sort of coliseum culture takes over, leaving no place for mercy.” I believe his final point about mercy steps into Lenten territory, in that, our journey during this season of our Christian calendar reminds us that God’s good news calls us to change our perspective and posture on how we respond to our and others’ failures.

One particular enemy that Lent can have us examine and turn from is the temptation to allow our coliseum culture to referee our exercise of mercy. This culture’s haughty spirit relishes the power that comes with standing in judgment to declare which public performances verifiably meet its bar of approval. If thumbs are up, your spectacle is praiseworthy, but if down, blameworthy. This is exponentially true when people fail morally and spiritually; this is David Brooks’s point.

From the first week of Lent readings, Psalm 25:4-5 prayerfully orients whether our Lenten focus will faithfully keep in step with God’s way or not. The psalmist humbly petitions God for direction: “Make me to know your ways, O LORD; teach me your paths. Lead me in your truth, and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation.” God’s will and ours confront us at every turn, especially in our coliseum culture. When our will is done, we enter into the vicious cycle of death, withholding the life-giving teaching of the God of our salvation. This bent of the will sees failure first and foremost and seeks to make people pay for their wrongdoings. How do you respond to failure? When we trust and wait on God’s instruction, however, we un-learn those life-denying strategies that can easily separate us from one another, bringing kindness rather than smugness and self-righteousness. Kyrie, Eleison (Lord, have mercy).


The psalmist continues with a direct appeal to God’s character (vv.6-7), his mercy and steadfast love, as the basis for what he wants his God of salvation to remember or be mindful of when attending to him. With the psalmist as our voice, we confess to a past strewn with sins, and thus, we recite and embrace Kyrie, Eleison (Lord, have mercy).

The Genesis 9:8-17 reading adds a little twist to God’s mercy, for it not only portrays God’s promise after the flood as him graciously and freely entering into a relationship with all humankind, but it also shows God extending this covenant to include every living creature. The wideness of God’s mercy gives us pause to marvel how mercy triumphs over judgment. This reminds us that God makes the first move in light of our sinful predicament. This is the God we observe in Jesus, for his salvation rescues us, and it was this good news he came preaching (Mk. 1:15), calling us to repent from our ways, the coliseum’s way, of evaluating others’ successes and failures as the true measure of who we are.

My father is a recovering alcoholic. He regularly tells me how AA’s protocol at their meetings is for members to introduce themselves before talking by saying, “I am John. I am an alcoholic.” My dad has boldly leaned into confessing this reality along with his life reflecting compassion toward others’ past sins and brokenness. His example in AA echoes these Lenten readings’ underlying assumption that we are all sinners. Furthermore, when we appropriate God in Christ’s grace and mercy, it follows that we should show mercy and forgiveness toward others. I am thankful for my dad’s life, because he sacramentally witnesses to God’s way of mercy.

David Brooks describes this aspect of forgiving others as pre-emptive mercy. He explains, “In this view, the forgiving person makes the first move, even before the offender has asked. She resists the natural urge for vengeance. Instead, she creates a welcoming context in which the offender can confess.” This kind of mercy is gospel logic, since it initiates (because God in Christ first moved) by hospitably opening space for others to learn and trust in God’s way over against the coliseum’s way. 

Although I do not completely understand how justice and mercy meet, I do trust that Easter satisfies and sums it up. UBC, as we make our Lenten trek together, let us receive one another on Sundays with God’s “yes” of mercy, so that we are prepared to turn from and resist the coliseum’s temptation to say “no.” Now that’s a true thumbs up! Kyrie, Eleison


Lenten Services ... No Wednesday Communion

Over the next few weeks of Lent, UBC is partnering with some local Waco churches to participate in a series of ecumenical Lenten services.  These services will be on Wednesday over the noon hour.  As such we will not be having communion services at UBC over the Wednesday lunch hour during this time.  Please note that we will not have a service or a communion service at UBC on the week of spring break.  The schedule is listed below.  


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Sunday School Update 

1. The "Life Together" class will be meeting this Sunday at Rudy's BBQ for breakfast at 9:30.
2. This Sunday will also kick off a Lenten Sunday School class taught by Craig.


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(A)  Qualifications.  Finance Team members shall have been an active participant in the life of UBC for at least a year, have received at least a bachelors degree level of education (or roughly an equivalent amount of experience in business or finance,) and have at least a basic understanding of financial reports and budgets.

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  • Sunday Sermon Text: Psalm 25:1-10.  Please be in prayer for our guest preacher Sharyl who will be preaching this Sunday as we celebrate Martha Stearns Marshall Women in Ministry month.  

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