ITLOTC 5-1-15


(In The Life Of The Church) 

Easter 2015

Holy Work

I remember when I first got to UBC back in 2004.  I was ripe for what she had to offer.  I had not heard anyone using the language that was being used.  I had not seen other churches using the subtleties that were happening in worship.  I had not seen other churches reading what UBCers were reading.  I have discovered two things since that honeymoon period.  First, a lot of what made UBC seemingly avant-garde since then has been proliferated and mainstreamed by the masses.  Second, other churches were doing these things, just not in the spaces I existed. 

When I think back to that time, two things in particular grabbed me. One, UBC and Kyle's relationship to beauty was captivating.  Later I would discover the churches long history not just of loving, but also of promoting beauty.  Two, I loved how the sacred and secular were being talked about.  I grew in an evangelical church that taught me to be in the world and not of it.  They had missed that God created it good and that Jesus came to restore that goodness.  

On our new website you can still find that conversation.  If you click on the top right link "connect" a pull down menu will reveal a link titled "new here".  If you click on that link you are taken to what is essentially a UBC lexicon.  The first item is "sacred/secular."  I'd like to share what's there: 

Also known as “the Sacred/Secular conversation,” this is used to describe our belief that in God’s story of creation-redemption-restoration, the division between what is sacred and what is secular is a false division.  This conversation plays out in many ways, but especially in the areas of vocation and art.  Concerning vocation, the sacred/secular conversation implies that in the church there is no “Varsity” and “Junior Varsity” careers, with ministry jobs being the “A” team and non-ministry vocations being the “B” team, but that every person within the body of Christ has an equally important role to play.  Concerning art, the sacred/secular conversation frees us up to seeing the beauty of God’s creation in more than just forms of art (movies, music, etc.) that is created from within the Christian entertainment industry.  

I want to tell you a story about my friend, Kristin Dodson.  Kristin is the chair of leadership team.  She has the added benefit of being a Green Bay Packers fan.  She and her husband Mike have been going to UBC for a long time ... longer than me so I can't really tell you exactly how long.   Kristin is also a veterinarian. She lives her life for God by caring for some of his animals.  


My friends Jeff and Teri are also part of this story.  They have a few dogs.  A few years ago it became clear to Jeff and Teri that they were going have to put their dog Trampis to sleep.  Trampis was a mix of a poodle and a terrier.  Teri tells me he was named after the cowboy on the Virginian.  I'll have to google that later.  Anyway, Trampis had lived a good life, but was now 17 and nearing his end.  Jeff and Teri told me they were going to have to do a hard thing.  

I can't remember if they invited me or if I invited myself, but somehow I ended up at their house the day Trampis was to be put down.  I was honored that they let me come.  Kristin is Teri and Jeff's vet.  I got there before she did.  The weight of the knowledge of things to come was heavy and so I used the opportunity to try and be pastoral.  I'm not sure I did a great job.  But I was there and I hoped that mattered.  

When Kristin got there I saw in her an energy I had not seen in other environments.  She was alive.  She was direct.  She was compassionate.  She explained what she would do and how Trampis would respond.  She answered a few questions and proceeded.  We watched together as Trampis breathed his last breath.  Jeff and Teri sobbed.  I cried the few small tears that well up when you watch your friends hurt.  It was a holy moment.  At some point during all of this I realized that we were at church even though we were miles away from UBC or any other church building.  I think the reason it took me so long to catch on to that fact was because I was not the pastor in that moment ... Kristin was.  

Mixed in with our observance of the church calendar are a few holidays that mark the time and place here and now.  This Sunday is one of the UBC church calendar days.  It is Mr. Rogers' Sunday.  If that doesn't mean anything to you, it will soon.  It's one of my favorite days on our calendar year.  It's the Sunday we honor our graduates.  

One truth of which we are reminded by Mr. Rogers is that there not sacred jobs and secular jobs.  We all have the opportunity to do holy work.  It is not true that I have a Christian job and Kristin does not.  We are both Christians that do our work.  

Probably the most famous quote about vocation comes from Frederick Buechner.  He says, “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”  Aristotle allegedly said something similar, "Where your talents and the needs of the world cross; there lies your vocation."

That is what Mr. Rogers' Sunday is about.  Reminding our graduates that they have a passion that could meet the world hunger.  They are called not just to do jobs, but rather the holy work of a Christian.  They have talents that the world needs and we'd love to see them use them in the name of Jesus.  

Sunday School

Our last Spring Sunday School will happen this Sunday. More information on our summer opportunities will come soon. 

Kids Update from Emily 

Hello parents of UBCKids in the Branch and Root classes (older 4's-4th grade), we will be joining the bigger UBCer's during the service to take part in the commissioning of our graduates and to hear the ever-important message about our uniqueness and God's equally unique purpose for us through the story of Mr. Rogers.  There will be no color sheets, as the majority of the service will be a documentary of Mr. Rogers' discovery and pursuit of God's call on his life, so your children will be well entertained!  


For the Nurture, Sprout and Bloom classes, (Newborn-Young 4's) it will be life-as-usual!  The Bloom class will be celebrating the letter V and the "Vine and Branches" analogy for our relationship with Jesus!  We hope to see you all on Sunday and we can't wait to take time to delve into God's amazingly personal and absolutely essential love and purpose for each of us!

Pastoral Associate Applications 

If you are part of our UBC community and are interested in serving a pastoral associate, you can apply by clicking here. Applications are due by 5:00pm on Friday, May 15th. Pastoral associates serve the mission of UBC by serving along full time staff to complete pastoral work as determined by the needs of our community and the desires of the applicant.  Associates will be selected by the staff.  Associates will make a commitment from June 1, 2015 through June  30, 2016.  If you have questions for clarification please email Liz @  

Study Hall 

The church will be open from 10am-midnight, May 4 and 5, for you to study for finals.  As always, we will have snacks and coffee throughout the day for you to enjoy.  At 10pm on Tuesday nights, we have our special pancake extravaganza, this year with a Cinco De Mayo twist you won’t want to miss!  If you have any questions, contact

In Family News ...

UBC Truett students put on a clinic on being awesome this week. Truett gives out a few annual awards to recognize the academic work of it's best students.  Award winners include: 

  • Sean DelBaccaro: outstanding student award. 
  • Sean DelBaccaro: outstanding preacher award. 
  • Joanna Sowards: outstanding preacher award. 
  • Jamie McGregor: outstanding greek award.
  • Heather Mooney: Addie Davis Excellence in Preaching Nominee
  • Elizabeth Andrasi: Addie Davis Outstanding Leadership in Pastoral Ministry Nominee 



You may have seen our very own Arna Hemenway mop up the award circuit in the world of literature.  Arna recently won 2015 PEN/Hemingway Award, and was a finalist for the Barnes and Noble Discover Award.  Of those you should know that the former is like winning "rookie of the year" in any major professional sport.  You can watch his acceptance speech here. (jump to minute 20)

Work is Worship 

Greeters:  Gerhard & Evie 

Coffee Makers: Steve & Emmy 

Mug Cleaners:   Haines Family 

Shutdown Team: The Blue Flames 


  • Sunday Sermon Text: Mr. Rogers Sunday!  Get Excited!!!! 

  • On May 8th our good friends from Lomelda will be playing their "Farewell Drewsky" show at UBC.  Drewsky describes Andrew Hulett.  Andrew is a long time UBCer, member of the UBC musical worship squad, Lomelda BGV's / guitar and film actor.  You may remember him from films such as "Easy Tithe" and the "Toss: The Andrew Hulett Story (a mi case olympics promo)" video.  Drewsky will be getting married and moving to Portland.  There will be a $5 cover at the door, and advance copies of the upcoming critically acclaimed Lomelda album "Forever" are $10.


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