ITLOTC 4-1-16


(In The Life Of The Church) 


Easter Allegiance

“the Holy Spirit whom God has given to those who obey him.”
 – Acts 5:32 

My absolute favorite thing about my life right now is one of Wendell’s little board books titled Elmo Says.  The premise will be familiar to you.  It’s a game of Simon Says, but Simon’s name has been substituted with Elmo's.   Elmo asks readers to participate in a series of about twelve stunts that you usually come in pairs that rhyme. 

What’s astonishing to me is how eager my children are to listen to Elmo when compared to listening to me.   If I have to get my kids to take a bath or clean their rooms it’s like herding cats.   Elmo on the other hand can get them all to do the shimmy shake, fly like a plane, and waddle like a duck without as much as lifting a finger. 

We are in Easter week 1.  Having just finished the Lenten season I find myself reflecting on my pledge to give something up.  The goal, among other things, I assume was cultivate in me a greater sense of obedience.  The fidelity found in my love for God was allegedly deepened by my commitment to love Him without the comfort of (fill in the blank).  I wonder though if I am any more obedient than I was before Lent. 

 Obedience has had my attention for some time.  It’s what I spent my time thinking about during Lent and the mechanism with which I took measure of my spirituality during the same.  It strikes me that obedience is as about as popular of an idea as sin or sacrifice.  Obedience is a commitment to live a kind of life.  In the Christian tradition the contract is written on our hearts and sealed by the Spirit.  God is not into legalism, but He is into cultivation and whatever the medium is that God is using to form you, I’ve found that honoring that instinct is important for growth.

I was surprised after this Lenten season to read the alternative text from Acts for Easter 2 in the lectionary and see 5:32, “the Holy Spirit whom God has given to those who obey him.” 

I will confess something to you.  I have a theological struggle.  It doesn’t take a seminary degree or even much theological aptitude to sniff out the heresy in the health and wealth gospel.  And yet I’ve not been able to let go of the idea that Divine Relationship, though marked by grace, demands something from us.  And perhaps it’s not that God withholds something from us in response (if we are disobedient), but rather that we set ourselves up to receive something passively from God if we do what He says.  Obedience is not the prerequisite to receive grace from God, but it is the mode of the Spirit in Acts 5.

So let me ask you something.  In what way may God be demanding more allegiance from you?  What habit, routine, or behavior might the Spirit be prompting you to hand to God in exchange for something more beautiful? 

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