UBC in Thailand - Blog #3

Our time in Thailand is quickly winding down, and we are beginning to put into words the experience(s) we have had as a team.  Last night, we were asked to write a short statement of what we have been challenged with, or a prayer we have going home.  Below you will the find the statements from the team; we were asked to keep the statements to roughly 140 characters.  Please continue to pray for our team and the ministry here in Thailand, we look forward to sharing our experiences with you when we get back.


“In the midst of my daily routine, do I find intentionality in my steps?  Are those steps only caring for myself, or do they seek to invest and be transformed by others?”

“Feeling convicted about how my consumption affects the people, animals and the environment in developing countries like Thailand. Also about how intentionally I spend my time.”

“I've learned to pursue Christ in the way I am called, I must step outside of my comfort zone.”

“This hasn't been the typical Ubc trip for me. We haven't product anything tangible like a school or a house. But something tangible in my heart has started happening. I have been able ask myself hard life questions that I hope will draw me closers to YHWH. And that will hopefully transform my life.”

“Here in Thailand I have been challenged to become a better listener of the Spirit, and to be more intentional in my conversations, words, and free time.”

“At the beginning of the year I wanted to meditate on and bring into practice being intentional, it wasn't until this week that I fully understood what intentionality meant.”

“Our ministry partners have been a great example of how to be intentional our everyday lives and shown us how easy it can be to talk to people about Jesus Christ.”

“Being surrounded by so many cultures and ideas has taught me so much and has really broadened my view of faith.”

“Thank you Thailand for showing me the beauty in Earth, in all your people regardless of religion, and in bold intentionality. #champ4dalord

“In Thailand, our ministry partners reminded me that the importance of ministry isn't defined by the number of people it converts.”

“Being immersed in such a different culture like Thailand has shown me many things about my own. From our crazy demands, to incredible opportunities. #thankful

“My view of the kingdom of God has moved both from head to heart and from narrow to broad by seeing how different people, cultures, and places are all needed and all contribute to the kingdom as a whole in its full picture.”

“Thailand has expanded my view of the community of faith by giving me the opportunity to connect with believers from entirely different cultures than my own #seeyouinheaven #haveanicelife