ITLOTC 8-24-18


(In The Life Of The Church) 

Does Kiki really love UBC? - come to the fiesta to find out


Fall 2018 - Community

At UBC we take the phrase "mi casa es su casa" seriously. We know one of the best ways to develop meaningful connections is through small groups.  Below you will find the groups/retreats we have for this semester.

From Mi Casas to Ladies’ Nights to Pub Group, as well as smaller discipleship groups, Bible Studies and Book Studies, we seek to create several spaces for you to sit next to and across from other UBC’ers in an environment that encourages authenticity, openness and growth. These groups change from semester to semester, and some of them have limited space available based on size constraints for healthy small groups. For more information please email

This Sunday after church, and on Sunday September 9th, you will have an opportunity to learn more about these groups and sign-up.  After the service, while folks are setting up for our Fiesta, we will have the leaders/organizers of these groups in different rooms of the church.  These leaders/organizers will head straight to the room(s) after church, and hang around for about 20-30 minutes.  You will have time to go to multiple rooms, so feel free to sign-up for more than one.  You can sign-up anytime through the semester, so don't worry if you don't get a chance on Sunday.  Here are where the groups will meet for the sign-ups:

MiCasa's and Fall Retreat and Cuba Mission Trip - Youth Room
College Men's and Women's Groups - Piano Room
Women's Bible Study and UBCYP - Blue Room
Middle Ages - Children's Check-in area


Small groups the meet once a week at someones house to practice discipleship and share life together. Each MiCasa takes on a life of its own.   Micasa's meet on S,M,T,W, and Th nights.  If you have any questions, email    *Micasa's begin 9/16

Sunday School

If your weeknights are crowded and crazy, find community in a Sunday School classes.  Class topics change each semester and are open to anyone who wants to attend.  If you have any questions, email    *SS starts 9/9

College Women's Group

This group meets weekly, on Thursday night at 7pm, to study the Bible, following along with the lectionary as read and preached in UBC's Sunday services. This group is a safe space to ask questions about who God is, what the Bible says, and how we as young women interact with the the text itself and with one another as a result of the text.  If you have any questions, email     *starts 9/6

College Men's Group

Gentleman, if you are guy in college, this group is for you.  This group, which meets on Thursdays at 6:30pm, is designed for you to build intentional community within the larger community of UBC.  If you have any questions, email    *starts 9/6

Pub Group

If you enjoy beer, talking current events or discussing theology then this is the group for you. Join us at 5:30 on Wednesday evenings at the Dancing Bear Pub. 21 and up, please.  If you have any questions, email

Women's Book Study

Ladies! This weekly bible study meets in the evenings and is centered around fellowship, discipleship and a book study. This bible study, which meets Mondays at 8pm, is for any women who are out college.  If you have any questions, email    *starts 9/10


This is a group for "young" "professionals." [Or, that vague category of people who have graduated college and are now working, in grad school, wondering if they should have gone to college in the first place, etc.]  We get together 2 or 3 times a semester to hang out.  If you have any questions, email 

Middle Ages

Do you fancy yourself as an adult?  If so, join this group for lunch after church once a month.  It's guaranteed to be a swell time.  If you have any questions, email 

Fall Retreat (College Juniors/Seniors)

The retreat will be October 18-21, at at beach house in Jamaica Beach.  This is a great time to meet other students, learn/discuss how to engage the world "post-college," and relax for the weekend.  The cost will be $40, and includes meals, t-shirt, and lodging.  If you have any questions email 

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Cuba Partnership Trip - November 10-17

UBC has initiated a new partnership with the Fraternity of Baptist Churches in Cuba (FIBAC).  Our first engagement with the fraternity will be this November.  We will be participating in a theological summit, as well as doing some work around their retreat center.  The cost of the trip is roughly a $1000.  If you are interested, please see Toph after church this Sunday, or email if you have any questions.

UBC Fiesta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Sunday, 8/26, after church.....we are going to PARTY!!!  UBC will be provide the food, drink, and fun!  We will be catering mexican food from the best place in town, we will have door prizes, and we will have a few surprises you will want to see to believe!  Plan to stay after church this week, lunch is on us.  All indications are, this will be the party of the year; we will kindly know if kiki really loves UBC.

Mug and Coffee Help

UBC champions.  As you know, each week when you come in you are greeted by good looking pastors and should you so choose, a warm cup of joe that is likely poured into a stylish mug.  The hard truth is, that coffee doesn't make itself and those mugs don't clean themselves.  That my friends, is done by some #champions4thelord.  It just so happens that a lot of my mug washers and coffee makers have graduated and gone on to do smaller things.  So I'm looking for some replacements.  If you would consider serving in this ministry, please email  

Sunday School returns September 9th

Cheers: The SS class where everybody knows your name
Led by Jeff Walter and Adam Winn

This class will be a place to grow in our relationships with God and with each other.  Each week this semester we’ll studying from the book of Galatians, and throughout the semester we’ll have opportunities to eat together, hang out, and get to know each other.  Whether you're new to ubc and looking to plug in, or if you’ve been around a while, you’re welcome to join us.  Cheers!

Attention Collection
Led by Jameson McGregor and Kerri Fisher

We all have a collection we've been curating since we were born.  It is composed of all the things that have challenged and formed us more fully into who we are--that have shaped what we think about ourselves and our neighbor; about God and the cosmos.  It is made up of movies, songs, books, places, get the idea.  Collections like this do their job best when we take the time to notice them, and perhaps to share them with one another.  So this class is going to be about that.  About sharing parts of ourselves with one another by sharing things have that been meaningful to us.  And in our sharing, we hope to come to know ourselves, our neighbors, and our God more fully.

Work is Worship

Greeters:  Blaylocks 

Coffee Makers: Winns

Mug Cleaners:  Titterington 

Money Counter:  JD Newman 

Welcome Station: Carlsons


  • Sermon Text:  Jeremiah 29:1-9 "God in Exile"
  • Sunday School Begins again on September 9th
  • 9-6 Mens and Womens College Groups Begin 
  • 9-14 Parents Night Out 
  • 9-16 Mi Casa's begin 
  • 9-16 Children Worker Teacher Training 
  • 9-19 Faith & Family Session 1 
  • 9-21 Youth Game Night w/ parents (5-6)
  • 9-23 nUBC'ers Luncheon
  • 9-28 Backside 
  • 9-30 OOTP Taco Fund Raiser After Church
  • 10-4 College Womens/Mens Group Skate Night
  • 10-18/21 Junior & Senior Fall Retreat 
  • 10-19 Youth Lock In (5-6)
  • 10-26/27 Stay in Retreat for youth (7-12)
  • 10-27 Womens college group service project 
  • 10-31 OOTP Halloween Party 
  • 11-9 Youth Boys and Girls Night (7-12) 
  • 11-18 Youth Sunday 
  • 11-4 Bring Parents to Church Day 
  • 12/5 Pre-Pancake Party Mens and Womens college group 
  • 12-9 Last Sunday of the fall semester/Christmas Youth (5-6)
  • 12-12 Last Wednesday of fall semester/Christmas party Youth (7-12)

Leadership Team

If you have a concern or an idea for UBC that you’d like to share with someone that is not on staff, feel free to contact one of our leadership team members. 

Chair- Adam Winn:

Byron Griffin:

Kerri Fisher:

Emma Wood:

Bridget Heins:

Jeremy Nance: Jeremy Nance <>

Joanna Sowards:

Student Position: Samuel Moore:

Student Position: Leah Reed:

UBC Finance Team

Do you have a question about UBC’s financial affairs? Please feel free to contact any of your finance team members.

JD Newman: 

Hannah Kuhl:  

Justin Pond:

Doug McNamee: 


If you have concerns about staff and would like contact our human resources team, please feel free to email any of the following members.

Josh Blake:

Ross Van Dyke:

Jared Gould:

Rebekah Powell:

Kristen Richardson: