ITLOTC 2-8-19


(In The Life Of The Church)


The Obvious Hallow

This is Harry Potter themed because Taylor is a thoughtful and compelling human and posted this on Thursday afternoon:


If you don’t know the story of the Deathly Hallows, here is a video to watch. 

It’s obvious, isn’t it?

The oldest brother asked for a powerful wand, the second – seeking to humiliate Death - a resurrection stone, the third – a humble man – Death’s own cloak. 

Power leading to death, desire leading to hopelessness and death, humility greeting death. 

It’s so obvious, because all 3 brothers died in the end. Each the same result, but different journeys to get there. Each living their best lives and meeting their best deaths. It’s beautiful and compelling, and obvious.

Wouldn’t we all like to have power, to never want for anything? How wonderful it would be to never have trials come our way, to never struggle through this life, to be utterly protected and never worry. It sounds like bliss. But this bliss is a corruptible bliss when not shared with others. We see this in our government, our communities, our schools, our relationships. Misused power is not good for anyone. Power in the hands of one is power for none. The oldest brother experienced that, and deep down we know that.

The resurrection stone gets me right in the feels. How glorious it would be to be able to bring back those we miss, those that left us. Family, friends, mentors, and so many other people that with 3 turns of a stone we could bring back to us. But there is a beauty to loss, a magic to grieving and overcoming, and a story to pass on to those suffering. To suffer invites us to relate to those around us. Growth through hardship prepares us to sit in the presence of the pain that we know and have faced. There is a glorious coming-together when we meet each other in our pain. The second brother mourned this truth, and deep down we know it. 

This was my response to Taylor:


But the more I think about the cloak, the more I realize it is the most obvious choice because Death did not create the cloak – it was Death’s own. The wand formed from a tree, the stone plucked from the river. Death gave the cloak off his back to the third brother. He knew that Death comes for us all in the end – and we all know that – and asked for a way to hide. But had he not come to Death at the end of his life and only hidden away, he would have missed out on love, his child, a life not crippled by fear. The cloak gave him peace of mind to continue living. Until it was time. 

Though I think the cloak is the obvious choice, I think each could be used in a noble way. We know that when power is spread evenly, we all benefit; that desire to undo our natural end leads to more suffering; and that with humility, we find the freedom to live without fear. The corruptibility or nobility of the deathly hallows depends on the user.

So UBC, may we, if ever faced with choosing which deathly hallow is the best, choose the noble path. The path that shares the privilege we have, walks alongside the suffering, and shows humility and joy for life in all things. 

Also, Taylor confirmed to me on the phone that the cloak IS the obvious choice. 


Financial Peace University

It turns out that Ron Miller, a new partaker in the UBC extravaganza, has a black belt in financial peace university stuff. Ron has offered to lead a 9 week class. The materials cost about $130, but if we reach a critical mass of interest and order in large quantity that number could go down. If you are interested in doing that class please email

Wednesday Night Educational Moments

We’re hosting several educational moments over the next couple of months. Each of these gatherings will occur from 5:30-7pm.

February 13th: Conversation Tools workshop.

February 27th: Exploring biblical and theological perspectives.

March 6th: Hearing from two guests (one Side A, one Side B) about their beliefs (it’s also Ash Wednesday).

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n’UBC’ers Luncheon

Are you new to UBC, like within the last 6 moths? Would you like to get to know more about the church? Do you enjoy free food? If you answered yes to these questions, then we would love to have you stay for lunch on February 17th. We will spend some time talking about the history of UBC, ways you can plug in, and our current conversation. If you have any questions, please email

You can sign-up on Sunday morning in the foyer, or you can email toph.

Youth 5-6 Lock-in (Friday 2/22 6 PM – Saturday 2/23 9 AM)

Join us for a full night of fun and formation on Friday February 22nd at UBC! We will start with dinner then move into a time of Bible Study followed by classic night games such as Hide and Seek and Murder in the Dark. We will then show a movie, and enjoy a wicked snack bar before heading to bed. We will wake up Saturday, feast on some cereal, clean up, then be picked up! This event will cost $5 to help us pay for meals and snacks. If your student plans on attending please RSVP by emailing Dilan or Hannah by Sunday 2/17!

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