ITLOTC 3-8-19


(In The Life Of The Church)



I Love Lent. I love thinking of things in my life that I don’t need and then getting rid of them. And at the same time, I hate it. I hate how difficult it is to give up something so minuscule. This year, my husband and I are giving up animal product substitutes, no fake meats, no fake cheese, imitation salad dressings, and so many other things like ice cream and butter. Y’all, I love these things. I’ve been vegan for over 6 years, and it gives joy to my soul to have a vegan burger that tastes eerily like a burger made with cow (see Beyond Burger, it is amazing!). Food science has come so far! When my husband suggested we give up these things, I was filled with sadness and immediately knew it was the correct decision.

I love a challenge. I love winning, making it through to the end and being able to say, “Yeah, I did it. I did the Lent thing.” Although, I’ve never made it to the end. I tend to give up about week 2, throwing in the towel and telling myself I’ll do better next year (#enneagram1). It feels like I never have the time to commit to the thing I’ve decided on - that life eventually gets in the way - and in order to stay on-top of things, Lent gets put aside.

I’ve had the flu all week, and one thing I’ve realized is that life goes on without me. The church office is functioning just fine, my yoga classes are being taught by somebody else, each of the students in my Truett small group have vast leadership qualities and can be trusted to lead themselves, my husband is a functioning adult and can do things, and I can take care of myself. This is hard for me. It’s difficult to let go of control, to let others help me, to even ask for that help! But I’m so grateful I have the flu right now, because through it I’ve learned that there is always time. I can always make space in my schedule to devote time to God.

And so with love and hate, I’m entering this Lenten Season with a dedication that I can live intentionally for 40 days of the year. I can dedicate portions of my mornings, afternoons, and evenings to prayer and meditation, and I can sacrifice taste to let God begin to break me apart from my desires.

I’m excited to move through this season with you all and would love to hear what you are doing for Lent. You can reach me at to schedule coffee or an email chat. Grace and Peace.

Mens Group

Are you a male at UBC who occasionally here’s about the women’s college group, mens college group or women’s groups. And if that is you have ever thought, “hey is there a mens group for non-college people. I might like to be a part of such a thing.” Well boy do I have good news for you. This is an exploratory offering to how many of you have that thought process there are. Should you be interested in a version of a mens group, though not necessarily one that fixes cars and reads John Eldredge books, but you know, one that is like “hey, I’d like to meet some other guys at UBC and become friends and converse about the facets of Christian faith,” please let us know by emailing

No Sunday School This Week


Youth Spring Break Schedule

The Order of the Phoenix will not be meeting this Sunday 3-10 and Wednesday 3-13. The 5-6 graders will begin meeting again on Sunday 3-17.

Wild Torch Help

Jesus Said Love is currently preparing for their annual fundraising gala, Wild Torch, on April 23 and needing volunteers the day-of! If you're interested in volunteering go to, fill out the form, and their team will be in contact with you! 

A Primer on the Exegesis of Sexuality Podcast

Special thanks to Dr. Jonathan Tran for visiting with us this last Wednesday to give us a primer on the hermeneutics of sexuality. If you were unable to attend, but would like to hear that discussion, a recorded version of it can be found here.

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Parishioner of The Week

Emmy Edwards for cleaning up after the potluck and throwing garbage bags over the dumpster, missing it entirely, and then laughing about it and proceeding to pick up our trash from the parking lot with great joy and laughter.

Spring Forward

  • Sermon Text: Deuteronomy 26:1-11, “liturgizing the ordinary”

Work is Worship

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