ITLOTC 10-5-18


(In The Life Of The Church) 

Ordinary Time

ubcmusic, vol. 1 (by jamie)

Hello humans. I hope this finds you well. If you were in church last Sunday, you know that the ep we have been working on is now complete and is set to release to the world one week from today (10/12).

I’m really excited for that to happen. Recording these songs has been a great experience, and it’s been cool to watch them evolve as we sat in the studio and picked them apart. There was a lot of time and sweat (i don’t think any blood or tears) invested in getting these songs fleshed out. Jack Parker took on the role of producer and pushed us to get out of the mindset of playing the songs as we always have, and move more into the headspace of what the songs could be. His lifetime of experience and immense talent were a true gift to have on this journey.

A rundown of the musicians on the record is as follows: I sang and played guitar, Natalie Ramirez sang, Byron Griffin played guitar, and Jacob Robinson (who is dearly missed) played bass, piano, and synth drums. Bwack (drummer from DC*B and The Digital Age—read: ubcmusic veteran) played drums. [Colton, our current drummer, had been in the band for about a week when we began recording drums, so we didn’t think it would be right to throw him into the scrutiny of studio time right out of the gate.] In addition to engineering and producing the project, Jack Parker also played guitar (he is very good at that, and has been playing in the band on Sundays whenever he’s not out with Chris Tomlin for most of this year).

I feel very fortunate to be called ubc’s worship & arts pastor. I’ve been doing this for almost 4 years, and it still feels like an immense gift. It is my dream job. Thank you for letting me do this.

Like I said, the ep will release one week from today. But I don’t see any reason why any of you should have to wait until then to have it. So you can download it here:



Baylor Theatre is in the middle of a three week run of Godspell. There will be Sunday matinees (2pm) for the next two weeks, as well as 7:30pm shows on October 9-12. It’s sure to be a fun time, but if you need any extra convincing, there are several ubcers attached to this project—Stan Denman, Reagan Seiler, and Andrew Sabonis-Chafee (apologies if I forgot someone)—and we want to support the art they’re making. Here’s the promo video:


SWCC Halloween Festival - October 17th

Friends, we need your help!!!  Our annual Halloween Festival with the South Waco Community Center is coming up, and we still need around 30-40 more people to sign-up.  You will be able to sign-up this Sunday, and next, or you can email  The event will be from 6-8pm, but we will need volunteers there by 5:30pm to get set up for their game or inflatable.  This year we will be handing out volunteer bracelets, so please feel free, and encouraged, to dress up!  This is going to be even bigger and better than years past, and we need you to make it happen.  #yourbesthalloweentwoweeksearly

Fall Retreat (Juniors/Seniors) - October 18-21st

Our annual fall retreat is coming up for upperclassmen, and there are some still some spots left for you to sign-up.  The cost is only $40, and we are heading to down to a front row beach house in Jamaica Beach………TX.  This will be a wonderful time of getting to know other students, some formative discussions, and lots of leisure time.  If you have any questions, please email  

5th-6th Grade Lock In

On October 19th bring your sleeping bags, sugar filled candy, and flashlights because the UBC youth is having a Lock for our 5-6 grade students! This Event will be at UBC on Friday October 19th from 6:00 PM to Saturday October 20th at 9:00 AM. The giant sleepover will be full of formation time, games, food, and other shenanigans. Please email Dilan or Hannah by 10/12 to RSVP and confirm your spot. The event will be free #thankyouTacoFundraiser

Satan Slayer Recap (By Sarah Hamill)

Everybody loves a good baseball movie. This week’s double header reminded me of the beloved family sports comedy-drama, Angels in the Outfield. In short, young Joseph Gordon-Levitt is told by his estranged father that if worst-team-in-the-league Anaheim Angels win the pennant, he’ll reunite their family. Seems heavy for baseball, but okay. JGL sends up a prayer. It is answered.

Unbeknownst to the crowds, a team of OG-angels led by Christopher Lloyd (old guy from Back to the Future) perform a series of “miracles” that help the baseball-angels win a few games, and eventually rise to the top of their division halfway through the season.

And it all started with a fan.

Our team has been using the first few games of the season to establish ourselves as the underdog of the church league, and not to brag, but we’ve done an exceptional job. However, we all know that the best part of any underdog story is when the angels finally show up, start pulling their own weight, and singlehandedly win every game for said team from then on out. Unfortunately, recent events have made it clear that, despite the weight of slaying Satan being placed upon our collective shoulders, we won’t reap the same benefits until our fans send up some love on our behalf, JGL-style.

So should you decide to come support us, what can you expect? First, you might be the only one sitting on our side of the stands. Well actually, I take that back. The other teams have had so many people show up that they’ve been using our side for overflow. Humiliating, but less so only to being relentlessly berated by two 8-year-olds sitting in the other team’s dugout.

Second, and most importantly, you’ll be treated to the best show of optimism and varying hand-eye capabilities that have ever coexisted on a single baseball diamond. A guy with a beard (making him easily distinguishable from the rest of the men at UBC) hit a home run. In the park, but it’s early in the season so we’ll count it. There were some near-catches that had the potential to be seriously impressive, and a few slayers fell down made diving plays (with no injuries!).  

Our pitching was consistent and received praise like, “get in the box, wait forever, and then wait a little longer” from the opposing coaches. Our offensive strategy progressed from “just make contact” to “you’re immediately out if you hit a line drive at the pitcher, how dare you, get back in the dugout.” Things are looking up.

So I depart with this- at the end of Angels in the Outfield, Maggie Nelson confronts the Angels’ skeptical CEO with the iconic line, “it’s like you’re saying it’s okay to believe in God, but it’s not okay to believe in [the UBC Waco Satan Slayers]. Now, I thought they were on the same team.”  

Well UBC, we are on the same team, we do want you to believe in us, and we will do our best to be something you can believe in.

Bottom line, come to our games.



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Parishioner of the Week

The youth parents who all helped make the taco thing a huge hit. Our youth raised almost $1,300!!! thank you to all of you who ate and gave generously.

Work is Worship

Greeters:  Walters

Coffee Makers: College Women’s Group

Mug Cleaners:  Glovers

Money Counter:  Newman

Welcome Station:  Kareem & Jake


  • Sermon Text: Mark 10:2-16/Job 1ish/2ish “Formation Part 1: Fundamentalism”

  • 10-17 Halloween Festival at South Waco Community Center

  • 10-18/21 Junior & Senior Fall Retreat

  • 10-19 Youth Lock In (5-6)

  • 10-26/27 Stay in Retreat for youth (7-12)

  • 10-27 Womens college group service project

  • 10-31 OOTP Halloween Party

  • 11-9 Youth Boys and Girls Night (7-12)

  • 11-18 Youth Sunday

  • 11-4 Bring Parents to Church Day

  • 12/5 Pre-Pancake Party Mens and Womens college group

  • 12-9 Last Sunday of the fall semester/Christmas Youth (5-6)

  • 12-12 Last Wednesday of fall semester/Christmas party Youth (7-12)

Leadership Team

If you have a concern or an idea for UBC that you’d like to share with someone that is not on staff, feel free to contact one of our leadership team members. 

Chair- Adam Winn:

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Do you have a question about UBC’s financial affairs? Please feel free to contact any of your finance team members.

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If you have concerns about staff and would like contact our human resources team, please feel free to email any of the following members.

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