ITLOTC 12-13-13


There is wisdom among us.

UBC has a reputation.  We, according to the Waco-public-opinion-poll, are the college church.  Anyone who goes to the church knows the demographic makeup tells a different story.  An interesting question I’m often asked is, “what percentage of the folks at UBC are Baylor students.”  We’ve never been able to answer that question with accuracy.   When I first came here I would have guessed something like 90%-10% or 85%-15%.  Now I would say something like 55%-45%.

There have been two factors that make this shift glaringly obvious.  One has been rapid increase in all things children’s ministry.  The other is that during the summer the sanctuary stays more full than it ever used to.  The fastest growing group of UBC in the last few years has definitely been the 25-45 age group and their kids if they have them.  But it wasn’t always this way.  About five years ago the Wilhites had the Carneys over for dinner and asked, “we like the church, do you think there is a place for us?”  My answer to that question always went something like, “I hope so, come hang out and if it doesn’t fit after a few months …  no hard feelings.”   Those conversations were almost always with young families.

Two folks at UBC who are very dear to me are Jeff and Teri Walter.  Jeff and Teri have weathered many seasons at UBC and always done so faithfully.  I’ve often thought to myself that there are probably a hundred other churches in Waco that could better serve their needs, but they with Don and Roni Bush, Scott and Nancy Gunvordahl and a few others have dared to be the “old people” at UBC through all these years.  I’m so grateful they have.  A few weeks ago a couple asked to meet with me.  Both about 50 years old, they visited UBC on a whim one day because they accidentally slept in too late and missed the service at another church they were visiting.  The question came up, “do you think there’s a place for here?”  I gave my answer.

Tonight Lindsay and I will be joining the first official gathering of the “Empty and Almost Empty Nesters” at 1424 for dinner.  There’s about 20 of them. I’m so excited!

If you are part of our community, fall within the 45ish on up demographic and would like to be part of this and/or future gatherings please email or (Teri Walter).

Work is Worship 

A few weeks ago I wrote on this topic.  UBC is the people's church.  Your opportunity to serve the church is now a little easier.  Outside my office door is a sign up chart.  Signing up is a quarterly commitment.  January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December.  These sign ups are for the January-March quarter.  Some jobs are weekly, some are bi-weekly, and some are monthly.  Please stop by and consider signing up.



Meet our Newest UBCer:

Name: Penny Lynn Duke

Birthday: November 30th @ 11:39

Height: 19 inches

Weight: 7 lb s 0 oz

Enneagram #: 9

You can read her story here.


Mission: A Note from Toph

Over the past few months, I have been in conversation with several missionaries, non-profit organizations, and mission sending agencies around the world to discern where UBC’s next international partnership might be.  Over the last few weeks, the Leadership Team and I have discerned that our next partnership will be in Asia.  In February of this year, Melissa and I will travel to India to explore two potential partnerships in hopes we will begin working with one of these partners in 2015.  If these partners do not seem like a good fit, we will explore possibilities in Malaysia and Indonesia later this Spring.  Please join along side of us in prayer as we enter the final stages of a long discerning process and look ahead to partnering with what God is doing in Asia.

Embrace Beauty,



As many of you know Ty led us in a Sing-O de Mayo last May.  That live album was released this summer.  Over the next month Ty and a few other UBCers, current and past, will be recording that same CD in a more professional environment.  Ty’s heart is that the music ministry is the church’s ministry.  As such he would appreciate your prayers these next couple of weeks as The Gladsome Light records music FUBU.  For us By us.


At UBC we have so many talented folks living out mission in the life of the larger Waco community.

This week I’d like to feature the talents of two of our musicians.  Hannah Read and Andrew Hulett are two of the dreamy members of the musical extravaganza Lomelda.  I’d describe their stuff as post-indie dream core.  But I don’t know anything about music so don’t read into that.  Better yet check it out and determine for yourself.

Just a Reminder:

Baylor Football won the Big 12.


  • Our bible verses for Sundays sermon are Luke 1:46-55.
  • Sunday School will begin again on January 12th
  • If you are a parent and planning on being here December 22 and/or 29, please email and let her know so we can plan for childcare accordingly.
  • We are having Sunday School in the Backside during Advent.  This will be an informal time to hang out and have conversation around the Advent themes of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.
  • There are still spots available for the Spring Break Monastery Trip.  Contact if interested.

Do you have an Emergency?  Do you Need to talk to a Pastor?:

254 366 9779