ITLOTC 12-5-14


(In The Life Of The Church)

Advent 2014

A Farewell (from the McCartys)

Josh asked us to contribute some thoughts about our time at UBC and what it has meant to leave.  I think it was his way of forcing us to sit still and process what we were thinking, what we have learned, what this community has meant to us.  (Either that or he wanted out of writing a newsletter for a week…)  I’m not a writer, but we do have a story and if there is one thing I have learned here, it is important to share your story.
I (Beth) slipped into UBC many years ago.  I was that girl on the back row...back when we still had the old orange pews.  I wanted to find a place that it was ok to ask questions, to discover a faith for myself.  I wanted to feel apart of something, and I wanted it to feel real.
I listed that day to Kyle speak about being a part of the church…of this community.  He talked about how all the parts were important…no matter how big or how small…everyone was needed…everyone mattered.  I stuck around and I slowly found my place.
Tom and I both started at UBC in college and early in our careers.  We let ourselves be a part of the community as we began to shape who we were as people. 
Time went on. The church watched as Tom and I met, became friends, and then (finally) fell in love. Our church became an extension of our family.  You stood witness as we took our vows and celebrated our marriage.  You came to the hospital to visit and meet Aiden and Asher as they each arrived. We dedicated our boys here and we watched as you became a part of our their lives.   We celebrate holidays together, grew our families, laughed and cried together, and genuinely shared life. Like our parents watching us grow as children, UBC has witnessed the many milestones that come with this stage of life.
This family continued to be there when life got really hard.  We asked for help and we felt you wrap your arms around us and carry us through some hard times.  This is what we come for.  For community.  To live life with people.
We encourage you to dive in.  Don’t isolate yourself.  Allow others into your story and share life with them.  It’s not always easy.  It can be awkward.  You will feel vulnerable.  But the life that it gives...  Wow.  You get to experience what true unconditional love can be.  Its like you get to experience a glimpse of  heaven on earth. 
This community surrounds you in pain, celebrates your joys, and encourages you in your questions. These people care about you, about your spirit.  Allow them to…and then be there and do the same for others.
This is hard, I have put it off…because I don’t know how to say goodbye.  I don’t want to say goodbye.  I know the friendships we have made here are lasting ones.  We have kindred spirits, vacation buddies, business partners, friends with children our children grew up with.  You don’t say goodbye to that.  Instead you find a way to snuggle them down into a part of the heart that doesn’t really ever let go.  You share Christmas cards, you visit, you don’t say goodbye. #ThankGodforInstagram
You can’t truly say goodbye to a community that has forever changed your life.  It’s impossible.  These people, these memories, this church is too engrained into who we are.   You take it with you wherever you go.
But, I’m not so naive that I don’t believe things wont change.  Distance, new environments, life…it changes these relationships.  What doesn’t change is that for a moment in life we shared life with these people who helped to form who we are.  Because of that they will always be with us.
 Loving God, embracing beauty & living life to the fullest (no matter where we are),
The McCarty’s


Study Hall

When Jesus wanted to study, he went to church (Luke 2:46).  UBC will be open for you study from 10am-midnight on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  We will have drinks and snacks throughout the day, and we will have our traditional pancake extravaganza at 10pm on Wednesday night.  Bring your friends, and you will get bonus points on every test during finals (not a promise, but it might happen).


Work is Worship 12-17-14

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Greeters: Paul and Linda

Shutdown Team: The Blue Flames Announcements:

  • Sunday Sermon Text: 2 Peter 3:8-15  /Advent Theme Peace
  • Please be in prayer for babies Davis and Shanks who are being dedicated this weekend
  • CCMSTCCE (Caesar Chavez Middle School Teacher Christmas Card Encouragement). Be on the lookout December 7th for more information in the foyer.
  • Advent Sunday School Continues.  It will be located in the backside.
  • On December 28th, our service will be comprised mostly of carroll singing and scripture reading.  Please come celebrate the arrival of Jesus with us on that day.

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