ITLOTC 12-12-14


(In The Life Of The Church)

Advent 2014


Is what I call him.  It's a nickname I picked up from his dad.  A nickname I discovered at his wedding, which was here, at UBC back in 2011.  It's crazy that, that was only three point five years ago because so much has happened.  Tye you may or may not know, was accepted and on his way to law school when we asked him to stick around.  Though courtrooms promised Tye a more robust financial future, he was overcome by the dazzling complexities and opportunities that come with what we call ministry.  One Dave Crowder stepped down in December of 2010 and Tye and Haley had already been helping out quite a bit by filling in.  It was a natural step to ask Tye fill in as an interim worship pastor.

We've got Tiger for two more Sundays, but I thought I would use this space to craft a formal farewell.

After the search committee conducted the process they recommended to the leadership team that Tye be the new Worship and Arts pastor.  We were all able to sigh in relief.  We all wondered how we would fill in the shoes of such a gifted musician.  Tye was the man.  Not because he could fill those shoes, but because he figured out how to shop for his own pair altogether.

Tye grew up at/with UBC.  He first came here in 2003 as one of the many Dudleyites from the extravaganza that is known as FBC Amarillo.  With West Texas swagger in hand, Tye tackled the Baylor storm.  As a philosophy major, Tiger ate lifes largest problems for breakfast and graduated slightly more cynical, a lot smarter and with at least four good friends.  After that Tye tried his hand at seminary, but Truett couldn't contain him so that only lasted one semester.  It was the American Studies program that called Tye forth to receive his masters.  After writing a riveting thesis on Cowboy Boots Tye looked back West where frontier justice found it's roots (AKA Texas Tech) to teach him the law.  But lo, he found his home where it had all started, with the saints gathered together University Baptist Church.

Now, in the year of our Lord 2014, that same Spirit that brooded over the waters in Genesis has called Tye forth once again.  This time south, to New Braunfels, where the college football teams aren't quite as awesome, but the waterparks are really something to behold.

So we, those left behind, grab our kleenex and join the litany of thank-yous that have been uttered by the saints throughout history.  Thankful to God for spoiling us yet again, with the electric ability of one of the Greater Zion Victory Choir's greatest ... Tiger Barrett.  Thankful for the pastoral care he offered us.  Thankful for the great music he composed and shared.  Thankful that his fingerprints will continue to be found all over this place.

As a parting gift I leave you with these five facts concerning Tye

1. As much as it pains me to say--with those skinny jeans, thick black glasses, foodie diet, and unpredictable hair style-- Tye just may have been the coolest one among us (the staff).

2. We are almost half as sad to lose Tye as we are to lose Katie.

3. The Homestead Heritage restaurant is projecting a 7% loss in sales in the upcoming year.

4. Tye is not an Enneagram 4 because he's done with the Enneagram.  He's an Enneagram number you've never heard of.

5. and most interesting of all ... no one knows his middle name.

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Hey Friends,

We are in the process of getting rid of our coffee mugs that are chipped and stained beyond our ability to tell if they are clean or not.

If you are like me (Craig)-- (A person who has been described as just a little too addicted to coffee, even though I can stop anytime, LEAVE ME ALONE ABOUT IT, OK!)-- you will probably be getting at least a couple of coffee mugs for Christmas. Why don't you go ahead and create space for those mugs by bringing us one or two of the ones currently taking space from your cupboard this coming Sunday? As it stands, we could use about 20-25 new coffee cups.

 Alumni Share Meaningful Reflections

If you were in church this last Sunday you heard us ask our undergraduate population to consider sharing about UBC's impact on their life with their parents and inviting them to be a financial partner with the church.  As part of that effort Craig has created a blog and solicited stories from alumni about what UBC has meant to them.  As I read them I was moved and thought they would be worth sharing.  Enjoy.


Big XII News

The Baylor mens football team is the Big 12 champion ... which has sent me reflecting.

Jesus is one person with two natures ...which this the church calls a mystery

The Big 12 is one conference with two champions ...which this the church also calls a mystery


UBCKids Info

This week in UBCKids we will be celebrating Jesus' Birthday a little early!  (Which will involve a sweet treat as every birthday should!)  We will talk about how birthdays celebrate the unique and amazing gifts that one's life brings to the world and when we celebrate Jesus' Birthday on Christmas, we are celebrating the unique and amazing gifts that His birth, life, death and resurrection give us!

Also, the kids will be joining us in the services on December 21st and 28th!  As usual, the Nurture and Sprout Rooms will be open to you if you need it, but we want you all to know that, as a whole, UBC understands that kids are kids!  We consider it our joy to get to share parts of this special season with ALL of our UBCers; both big and small, old and young, developed and undeveloped prefrontal cortices, alike!  Service-Survival-Kits (seasonally appropriate snacks, color-sheets and crayons) will be provided in the foyer for those who would like them!


Work is Worship 12-14-14

Mug Cleaners: Jacob and Byron

Coffee Makers: Michael and Kayla

Greeters: Ryan and Joel

Shutdown Team: The Golden Glitter Girls Announcements:

  • Sunday Sermon Text: Psalm 126 /Advent Theme Joy
  • Please be in prayer for baby Roxy Parker who is being dedicated this weekend
  • Advent Sunday School Continues.  It will be located in the backside.
  • On December 28th, our service will be comprised mostly of carroll singing and scripture reading.  Please come celebrate the arrival of Jesus with us on that day.


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