We love kids! 

Here at UBC we believe that children are a part of the larger church body.  Children participate in the Kingdom of God! We recognize that children are special in their needs and contribution, and every bit as important as other demographics at UBC.  We take special care to make sure we are reaching children in a way that fits our ethos and attitude, just as we do in other ministries.

The goal of children’s ministry at UBC is to teach our children how to love God, embrace beauty and live life to the fullest. We challenge them to know God in a meaningful and experiential way. UBC hopes to transform the lives of our children so that they will transform the world around them as they grow physically and spiritually.

Sunday Mornings


After walking through the large front doors, head to your right and hit the peppermint jar—a favorite spot for many of our kids! The UBC Kid’s check-in desk is to the left through the French doors. With a little bit of info, you will receive ID stickers for your kids and a coordinating sticker for you, and our helpful volunteers will help you and your kids find the right spot! (See below for a complete class list!) Grab a cup of coffee and (if you’re lucky) a donut in the Backside afterwards.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email our Children's Pastor, Taylor, for more information!  Otherwise, we are excited to see you on Sunday!


Please bring the things your child may need while with us: diapers, wipes, pacifier, bottle, change of clothes, sippy cup, etc. And please label everything! We have some extras if you need them, but we find children are more comfortable with familiar items.  Also, please make the volunteers aware of any allergies or intolerances your child may have or anything else that might help us care for your child better!


Nurture: Newborn – Crawling 

A class meant to nurture the soil of the spirit by sharing God’s love, care and friendship with our newest UBCers.

Sprout: Walking – Young 2’s

A class meant to encourage fun, independence and exploration while discovering the meaning of community.

Bloom: Older 2’s – Young 4’s

A class that will teach the simple truths about the story of God’s love for us as their minds and personalities bloom.

Branch: Older 4’s – Kindergarten

A class to help expand world views and see the wonder of God in themselves and the world around them.

Root: 1st Grade – 4th Grade

A class to deepen understanding of God’s love for us and what it means to follow the way of Christ. 


A church needs everyone to do his or her part, no matter how big or small. Our children’s program relies on individuals who love to teach and play with kids. If you think you would be interested in working with our littlest UBC’ers, please fill out the form below. Thank you!


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