Sunday Song List

Greetings! Each week we will be posting the song list from the previous Sunday.  If you heard something you liked or was meaningful, we hope you look into it further. This past Sunday we played these songs:

You are Holy- The Gladsome Light

All the Poor and Powerless- All Sons and Daughters (be sure to check out the Digital Age's awesome version of this song.  We are so fortunate to have then in our community and to be making great music for us as well!)

Because He Lives- Wild Bill Gaither...or just Bill Gaither.  Lots of good versions of this song out there.

Amazing Grace- John Newton, but you should check out this version here

Raise Me Up- The Gladsome Light  (Offertory Song)

We hope that the whole of worship was meaningful to you last week.  Feel free to let us know if you come across a song that you feel like would speak well to our congregation by sending an email to Tye.  his email is

Gracias! (Still trying to stay positive about not going to Agua Fiesta last night!)