Home and Discipleship Groups at UBC...

This year UBC has numerous opportunities for you to become involved in a group designed to help you be formed into the person God wants you to be.  Two of those opportunities are Home Groups (also known as "Mi Casas") and Discipleship/Spiritual Formation Groups. Our Home Groups meet once a week in people's houses and apartments.  Over the years this has become the best way to become involved in the life of UBC and to find people within the church to connect and to grow with.  Each group shares a meal (or dessert) together, is committed to pray for each other and for UBC, and to engage with Scripture in some way on a weekly basis.  Beyond that, each group forms its own "personality" based on the people involved.

This is the first year we are facilitating Discipleship/Spiritual Formation Groups.  Based on the Spiritual Formation writings and initiatives of Renovare', these groups are groups of 3-5 people who are deeply committed to each other's formation as a Christian and who meet weekly to study Scripture, pray, and to help each other be more intentional about becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ.  We have leaders ready to lead these groups.  Also, if you had a small group of friends who wanted to participate in a group together, we would be happy to get you started with the right direction and materials.

If you want to be a part of either of these groups, please email craig@ubcwaco.org.

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